If you’d like to learn more Scorpio zodiac facts and have been wondering, “What does Scorpio represent?”, then you may find the following Scorpio overview engaging:

Facts About Scorpio Zodiac Sign

What house does Scorpio rule?8th House
What animal represents Scorpio?A Scorpion
What element is Scorpio sign?Water (deep still water)
What is a typical Scorpio body type feature?Hairy
What color represents Scorpio?Golden (sandy yellow)
What planet rules Scorpio?Mars (stronger than Pluto)
Is Scorpio masculine or feminine?Feminine (receptive energy)
Which direction is Scorpio?North (per Vedic astrology)
What time is Scorpio stronger?Daytime
What house is Scorpio strongest in?7th House (sages of the past confirm this to be true)
Is Scorpio fixed or mutable?Fixed (the energy of deep fixed water)
What number sign is Scorpio?The 8th Sign
Where is Moon debilitated?At 3 Degrees of Scorpio (sidereal zodiac)

The Scorpio zodiac sign rules much more than a person’s personality. It reveals a part of how things manifest in the world. The next section explains the Scorpio zodiac sign meaning, Scorpio energy, and tells you exactly what Scorpio represents.


YOUR ENERGY and STAMINA.  The Scorpio sign rules over vital energy within your body.  It can reveal if you have a strong reserve of healing energy that makes you resistant to disease, or if you are depleted in this area and vulnerable to illness.  
Remember that Mars rules the sign and is the planet that gives you the energy to do stuff.  So in this sign, Scorpio energy will be filtered in such a way that rules over the quality of long-term energy in your body.
YOUR INHERITANCE.  The Scorpio sign rules over money, assets, and property left in a will by someone who has died.  You’ll also find money that you didn’t have to work for here (e.g., insurance, pensions, tips, interest, your family’s money, etc.).
LIFESPAN.  Scorpio sign rules over a person’s length of life.  If you’re asking, “How long will I live?”, in astrology, the Scorpio sign holds the energy that reveals the answer.  You can determine if a person will have a long life or a short life in the Scorpio zodiac sign. 

For example, a person with the Sun or Jupiter bathing in favorable Scorpio energy can give a person a very long life. 
WEAKNESS and VULNERABILITY.  Weak spots and shortcomings are viewed from the Scorpio sign.  A deep crack in the ground is considered a weak and vulnerable point on the Earth’s surface.  In the same way, the points in life where we crack are considered the areas that could use some strengthening and reinforcement. 
Developing our will power helps in the prevention of cracking under pressure.  It is not to our benefit to soften ourselves and become progressively weaker by always choosing the easy way out.  We become stronger by allowing the higher self to control the lower self (ego).  This must be intentionally developed through discipline, a conscious effort, and concentration. 
Scorpio can make it harder for us if we aren’t living to our highest potential.  This sign destroys what we have if it is not in alignment with our highest good in the long run.
HOLES.  Dark places that are deprived of light, especially in relation to an opening, are found in the Scorpio sign.  Good examples of this include caves, fissures in the ground after an earthquake, snake holes, and entrance points to the genital organs.  The Sushumna channel in the spine can be tied to this sign due to its inherent dark nature and cavity-like quality. 
The Scorpio sign serves as an opening to darker areas.  It is especially useful to understand the internal qualities of the sign.  Dark places, thoughts, and samskaras hid deep within our being are crucial areas that can be exposed and brought to the surface of our conscious awareness by the transformational light and fire of Mars.  Sometimes we’re not aware that our subconscious mind holds programs that make us think or behave in a way we can’t always explain.  Scorpio digs deep and pulls out the scorpions hiding in the mud of our dark closets and helps us deal with it directly.  Of course, this is usually a difficult and painful process.  However, a person is usually happy to get rid of a snake that has been hiding in the closet for years.  When we get rid of junk in our closet, we are happy to free up space for brand new things.  Sometimes it is helpful to install a light in the closet (Kriya Yoga).  It’s helpful to look at the holes and places of darkness within ourselves to determine the cause of our struggle.
FIGHTING and CONFLICTS.  The Scorpio zodiac sign rules over conflicts with other people, accusations, condemnation, and fighting in general.  In this way, we can see how the energy holds an “attacking” force, which we know Mars is responsible for.  Attacks are designed to destroy something, whether physically or emotionally.
LOSING SOMETHING.  The loss of something is found in Scorpio.  This makes good sense because a loss is part of destructive energy, which we know Mars rules over.  Losing money or possessions can be seen from the Scorpio zodiac sign.  It also rules over the energy of being stolen from.
UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.  Scorpio rules over unfortunate events such as accidents, catastrophes, fire, earthquakes, and suicide.
OBSTRUCTION and DIFFICULTY.  Scorpio sign also rules over delays and obstacles.  If you are trying to achieve a goal and something gets in the way of that, you can thank Scorpio for your troubles.  But always keep in mind that there is a hidden lesson in this for you to learn that will ultimately make you a better person.  I know that’s hard to believe at times.
DEATH.  If you want to know how to predict your death in astrology, look to Scorpio and the 8th house, which rule over the energy of death.  It is responsible for the end of a person’s life.  It also rules over the death of things in a person’s life symbolically.  This could mean the death of a bad habit, such as smoking.  It could rule over the death of a marriage.  The energy of death doesn’t always mean that a person is going to die. 
Death can mean transformation.  That includes a change in state from one thing to another.  Usually, transformation is for our ultimate good, even though the process can be painful.  But it is good to remember that in order to build up muscles, sometimes we have to get a little sore.  Small doses of pain can make us stronger and more resilient to the darts life throws at us.  Because of the transformational nature of Scorpio, this energy deals with our past and our future.
Some people die daily in the yogic state of samadhi.  Some people die by the means of transforming themselves from one state to another.  For example, a thief could die to his old ways of stealing and be born again into a life of non-stealing. 
DESTRUCTION.  Scorpio energy can rule over the destruction of the foundation you stood upon your entire life.  Everything you thought that you knew can be dissolved in this sign, forcing you to start over.  But remember, sometimes we have to destroy an old building in order to build a new and better one.  Starting from ground zero gives us a fresh opportunity to make ourselves better than we were before. 
Scorpio is the force that destroys our ego and delusion.  It helps us to see what is actually going on instead of keeping us in the safety zone of fantasy.  Many people are resistant to change.  However, the one constant in life is change, so we do better when we integrate this truth instead of resisting it.  Scorpio assists us in letting go of the past so we can put our attention on a brighter future.
PERSECUTION.  The Scorpio sign rules over oppression, slavery, punishment from authority, cruelty, murder, being in danger, and evil actions.  If a person is just mean and nasty, that’s because of Scorpio energy.
MISERY and SUFFERING.  Feeling miserable is a trait attributed to the Scorpio sign.  This includes mental distress and anguish.  This sign rules over the agony and sadness experienced as a result of someone dying.  Remember, the Moon is debilitated here (it rules over the mind and emotions).  The type of suffering here could also be the kind felt when someone is defeated.  It is not necessary that Scorpios suffer in silence.  The key lesson here is to rebuild a new life that is much better and stronger than the one that was destroyed.  Trust me, you may not see it now, but there is a bright Light at the end of the tunnel.  Astrology has many remedies.  With God all things are possible!
DEFEAT.  Scorpio sign rules over the energy of being defeated.  You can find loss from sporting events or loss of an argument here.  Anything that has to do with losing a battle of any kind, just look to Scorpio.
BEING MESSY OR DIRTY.  Things that are not clean, pure, or fresh can be viewed from the Scorpio sign.  Disgusting matters involving decay, rotting food, filthy toilets, dirty swamp water full of bacteria, and things along those lines can all be found here.  Even offensive behavior is assigned to Scorpio.

Which commandment (of the Ten Commandments) corresponds to Scorpio?

The 8th commandment is assigned to Scorpio, which is the 8th sign in the zodiac.  It reads:  “You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15).  It is interesting to note that 20:15, when adding up the numbers in numerology, is 2+0+1+5 = 88 is the 8th zodiac sign of Scorpio.  Coincidence?

It has been said that God tests us in each commandment as the Moon travels through the 12 individual zodiac signs.  The first 10 signs are the 10 commandments as given to Moses by God.  The last 2 signs are the 2 commandments that sum up the 10, according to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. 

We have learned that Scorpio rules over the loss of things in life, which is directly tied to stealing.  When we steal from others, we are the direct cause of their loss, defeat, and suffering.  It makes good sense to neutralize this force by the practice of non-stealing.  Stealing is not only of physical possessions, but can also include time, energy, free will, and the attention of others.  Scorpio is all about losing the things that we put a value on.  The opposite sign in the zodiac wheel is Taurus, which holds the opposite energy of gaining things of value.  If we steal from others, we will eventually be stolen from in the future in one way or another.  This is not morality.  It is the Law of nature.  On a gross physical level, we can see that this happens when each action yields an equal and opposite reaction. 

The law of karma is scientific and precise.  If we suffer today, it is because we made someone suffer in the past.  If we are stolen from today, it is because we stole from someone in the past.  We do better if we write a new future for ourselves that does not include a gross transgression of this Law. 

To elaborate further on some of the above stated Scorpio zodiac facts, you might find the following details interesting.  Below, you’ll better understand the Scorpio zodiac meaning and learn more specifics as to what type of sign Scorpio really is.

What kind of sign is Scorpio?

  • A VEGETABLE SIGN (as compared to mineral or animal signs). 
  • AN INSECT SIGN (as compared to human, quadruped, or watery signs). 
  • A FIXED SIGN (as compared to moving or dual signs).
  • A FEMALE SIGN (as compared to masculine signs).  This does not mean that the Scorpio sign only applies to women.  Everything on Earth is based on duality.  You will see that all things are created in pairs.  For example, you will find a lock being the other half to the key.  Love is the counterpart of hate.  Up is the pairing to down.  Hot is the opposite of cold.  And man complements a woman.  So with Scorpio, you will find that it holds receptive energy that provides a favorable and beneficial charge to help you start over again.  Many people think that Scorpio is evil because of its dark and destructive nature.  But don’t you think that any good mother who found her baby playing with a rattlesnake in its crib would quickly run to remove it?  The baby had no idea that the snake was dangerous.  It appeared to be a fun toy.  But the mother knew better.  Of course, the baby cries and throws a tantrum when its mother takes away the toy.  Yet, we can see how the beneficial nature of Scorpio ultimately destroys and takes away things in our lives, even though we may not always understand it or see any good in it.  Divine energy is so much bigger than we are.  We do much better to trust that it knows exactly what It is doing.

How do I know the strength of Scorpio in the horoscope?

Scorpio is stronger during the daytime.  It is also stronger if it is in your 7th house.  “Stronger” just means that you will notice the energy much more in real life.  Things will literally appear or events will actually take place in your life when it is strong.  If it is weak, you won’t notice it that much and it is less likely that things with Scorpio energy will manifest.

What is the meaning of the Scorpio symbol?

The Scorpio zodiac symbol is a scorpion.  This creature has 8 legs.  It is no coincidence that Scorpio is also the 8th sign in the zodiac.  For the same reason, spiders with 8 legs are assigned here.  Scorpions have an extremely poisonous stinger.  Researchers are analyzing this venom to determine if there are potential therapeutic uses in medicine.  Our natural instinct is to jump away in fear when we see a scorpion.  If you want to understand what the scorpion symbolizes, it’s helpful to know there is always a “good” side that balances out the “bad”.  An important key to the Scorpio symbol is understanding that what appears to be dark and scary can actually be the source of our positive growth, healing, restoration, and happiness in the long run.  Whether we realize it or not, everything here on Earth happens for the ultimate sake of our spiritual evolution and growth.  What we perceive as poison may actually be our spiritual medicine.

Our challenge is to transition our attachment from the magnetism of the 12 zodiac signs and place it on God instead.  Everything we experience in each of the 12 zodiac signs is really God disguised in a lower vibrating form or event.  If we can detach our attention from the matrix of the zodiac, we can eventually attain liberation from the wheel of suffering and reincarnation.  It is easier to let go of our distractions when they are destroyed by Scorpio energy.  Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes bad is good.

What body part does Scorpio rule?

The Scorpio constellation is located in the male and female genitalia.  It also rules the rectum and anus.  All openings in this area of the body, leading from the outside to the inside, are assigned to Scorpio.  Problems with hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, and constipation can be viewed from this sign.  

The 12 zodiac signs each represent a very specific part of your body, yet they will be expressed differently in each person.

It’s important to realize that you are not defined exclusively by your general zodiac sun sign.  If you define yourself as a Scorpio, that means you are only putting your attention on a small part of your actual existence.  The human body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs.  If we limit the definition of our personality to only one of these 12 signs, we may be seriously shortchanging ourselves.  The point in astrology is to know how you relate to all 12 of the zodiac signs and how you are affected when the planets move in and out of each one of them.  Your body holds and understands all of the energetic and magnetic qualities of the 12 signs, not just the one you identify within your horoscope.  But what happens when the Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio?  Will that change how you relate to your own sign?  Yes!!!  The sign of Scorpio will express itself in different ways, depending on which planets are sitting in it, aspecting it, and moving through it.

The above description is not intended to identify and limit you to one sign only.  If your Sun is in Scorpio, you will most definitely exhibit many strong and beautiful qualities of Scorpio in your life.  However, it’s good to also be aware of what signs your other planets are sitting in.  This can help you understand the way you feel about and function in the world.  What you read above does not mean that your entire existence is only limited to what is stated.  You will also relate to the descriptions of the 11 other zodiac signs, which are inside of you as well (see other posts for more details on the other signs).

The sign of Scorpio is like a magnet.  It attracts very specific qualities, objects, and events into your life.  Think of Scorpio as a segment of energy that the planets travel through in the sky. When a planet enters or aspects the section of Scorpio, the energy will “spray out” into the world as we know it, causing us to experience the energy in super obvious ways.  These “ways” are described above.

Astrology should be used only as a guiding principle, not as something set in stone.  You are given free will and possess the power to overcome the negative magnetism of the planets and signs.  The daily practice of Kriya Yoga is a fast path that dissolves your past evil negative karma that the planets attach to.  If we know what the planets and signs are doing, we can navigate our path with greater ease and awareness.  With God, all things are possible.  We have the strength and ability to control our own actions instead of giving that power to the cosmos.  The kingdom is within You.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the Scorpio meaning, Scorpio energy, the Scorpio element, the Scorpio planet, the Scorpio color, and the overall Scorpio definition.  You also should have a better grasp as to what the scorpion symbolizes and represents.  By now, it should be easy to remember what body part rules Scorpio.  You should also know exactly what Scorpio represents, what planet rules over Scorpio, and what rules Scorpio in general.


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