What Does Sagittarius Rule? 53 TOP SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC FACTS

The following Sagittarius facts reveal what Sagittarius is known for, including what body part, house, planet, and element the sign rules over.

Quick Facts About Sagittarius

What body part does Sagittarius rule?The thighs
Is Sagittarius masculine or feminine?Masculine (active force)
What color represents Sagittarius?Warm sunset orange and yellow/golden tones. Leather tan/brown. Color of brown rice. Gold.
What direction does Sagittarius rule?East
What planet rules Sagittarius?Jupiter
What guna is Sagittarius?Sattva
What symbol represents Sagittarius?The top half is a man, the lower half is a horse. The man is holding a bow (intended to be used as a weapon).
Is Sagittarius a fire sign?Yes. Sagittarius rules over the element of fire.
Is Sagittarius a dual sign?Yes, it is both fixed and moving.
What shape does Sagittarius rule over?An arc, bow, or arch (like a rainbow)
When is Sagittarius deaf?In the afternoon
What zodiac sign rules profound wisdom?Sagittarius
What house does Sagittarius rule?The 9th house

The Sagittarius zodiac sign meaning includes many specific things that hold a magnetism for Sagittarius energy. Below you will discover what Sagittarius means and you’ll understand exactly what Sagittarius represents.

What Does Sagittarius Represent?

What is the meaning of Sagittarius sign? Sagittarius sign stands for the following things:

IRON and STEEL. These are major building blocks for skyscrapers, car engines, farm equipment, etc. Any place that has a lot of iron or steel is full of Sagittarius energy. The iron mines in Minnesota and Brazil hold an abundant amount of this sign’s power. Iron and steel represent the material used to rebuild something after experiencing the destructive energy of Scorpio. When you start something new, make sure it is strong.
STARTING OVER. The Sagittarius zodiac sign is all about starting over and rebuilding a new life with strong building blocks. The energy here promotes expansion and growth from point zero. It’s about establishing structure.

Sagittarius rules the start of advanced human civilization. It raises people up out of their animal nature into their human nature, which supports the dual nature of the sign (half animal, half man).

Advanced human civilization starts with education and the building up of society. This literally includes the creation of buildings (e.g., iron and steel).
DHARMA. This includes a person’s actions that are in alignment with natural law.  It supports acting in a way that promotes peace, harmony, order, truth, and reinforces life for all.
YOUR GURU or a FATHER FIGURE. A common Sagittarius definition emphasizes the qualities of wisdom, great depth of knowledge, being highly educated, having extensive experience, and of being a master. Your guru, or anyone that teaches you higher knowledge, is assigned to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
TEACHERS and PROFESSORS. Sagittarius rules over the person who has mastery of a subject. They provide expert instruction according to their knowledge.
HIGHER EDUCATION:  Sagittarius rules over higher education, scholarly work, universities, advanced degrees, specialized knowledge, and the understanding of hidden matters.
SPIRITUAL LEADERS.  You will find pastors, elders of a church, deacons, teachers, priests, the Pope, swamis, gurus, rabbis, and ministers in the Sagittarius sign. 
RICHES and WEALTH.  The last 15 degrees (16 – 30 degrees) of Sagittarius support this beneficial quality of the sign.  Please note that Taurus rules over money and material possessions as well, however, Sagittarius rules over a higher frequency that supports overall riches and wealth from a higher consciousness point of view.  The wealth, property, and cars in Sagittarius comes from a place that is more sustainable than Taurus.  Wealth from Sagittarius tends to last longer.  Of course, money in Taurus is fabulous, but it tends to lack support and stability from the higher realms, thus the energy dissolves much faster.  You are more likely to have wealth over a longer period of time if you work from Sagittarius (as compared to Taurus).  The wealth in Taurus is actually supported from Sagittarius, serving as the root cause.  If you are trying to manifest money and want it to last, try working with Sagittarius energy (sidereal zodiac).
LUCK and PROSPERITY.  Your destiny to be happy is part of what Sagittarius means.  Your level of happiness here is based on your past actions and karma.  If you were kind and generous to others in your past lives, that is the energy you’ll be rewarded with in this life.  If you helped others in the past, people will help you today. 
Sagittarius rules over fortunate events, luck, overall prosperity, pleasant things, and all the good stuff as your reward.  The sign promotes general success in life. 
FULFILLMENT OF YOUR DESIRES. This is the energy that makes your dreams come true! Literally.
SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS.  The Sagittarius sign rules over visiting a shrine, going on a pilgrimage, or any religious expedition in general.
LONG-DISTANCE TRAVEL. Going to foreign lands, taking a long cruise, and being on a long flight, are all supported by the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
GRANDCHILDREN. Sagittarius rules over grandchildren.
MEDITATION.  Meditative practices such as Kriya Yoga, japa, prayer, Vipassana, mindfulness, Qigong, and solitude are all found in this sign. Siddhis (supernatural abilities) that result from these practices also hold Sagittarius energy.
RELIGION and FAITH.  Many things fall into this category.  You’ll find spiritual texts, God, Divinity, worship, places where people worship (e.g., churches, temples, mosques), living a path of righteousness, working towards a spiritual goal, initiation into an advanced meditative practice, sacrifices, devotional behavior, acting in a way that leads to enlightenment, and all duties that relate to spiritual work are ruled by the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
CHARITY.  Giving money and food to those less fortunate is an energy that is ruled by Sagittarius.
ETHICS, MORALS, and VALUES.  Sagittarius rules over the energy of integrity, honesty, trying to do the right thing, good works, showing respect to others, kind acts, compassion, the way a person treats another person, general behavior, and truth.
SELF-CONTROL and DISCIPLINE.  Cutting off the comforts of materialism for the sake of spiritual growth is ruled by Sagittarius.  Willingness to experience discomfort and pain helps the spiritual aspirant to toughen up. Self-denial strengthens the mind, sharpens the will power, and helps to reduce weakness of the soul.
Practices such as fasting, Lent observance, taking a cold shower before meditation, and sleeping on a hard floor, are all part of what Sagittarius stands for.  It supports not being a slave to the senses in the physical dimension.  Patience is established in this sign.
Sagittarius rules over tapasTapas literally means “heat or fire”.  Many people practice this intensive style of meditation through advanced discipline of the body and mind. They turn on the “heat” of prana to burn away negativity, darkness, and obstruction.  It is by fire that things are purified. Tapas promotes mental purification.
sagittarius spirituality
ROYAL CONNECTION:  The Sagittarius zodiac sign rules over the energy of advising a king.  It provides a connection to royalty.  The energy gives a person respect and ties with nobility, elite families, and people with status.  It’s a zodiac sign of great dignity.  The consciousness level of Sagittarius is higher than the royal status of Leo.
GOOD and WHOLESOME THINGS.  Anything that is pure or beneficial holds substantial Sagittarius energy.  This sign makes people happy, healthy, and successful.
SACREDNESS and VIRTUE.  Sagittarius rules over the energy of reverence.  It comes from a point of view closer to Source energy.  It helps the person do the right thing, realizing that all people are One at the level of our soul.  What we do to others, we do to ourselves.  Taking the time to show gratitude and honor for life, each other, and the things we have, are all supported from Sagittarius. 
PHILOSOPHY is ruled by the Sagittarius zodiac sign in astrology.
A BATTLEFIELD or WAR ZONE.  Sagittarius rules over the area where war vehicles are parked.  It also stands for the area where soldiers sleep in preparation for battle.  The living quarters for soldiers (barracks) are supported by Sagittarius energy.  Military bases, war vehicles, troops, involvement in war, attack precision, advanced skills in war technology, and combat strategy, are all ruled by Sagittarius.
To support this fierce quality of Sagittarius through an example, we see that Hitler had Jupiter in Sagittarius.  This position contributed to his expertise in war technology and combat strategy.  Higher knowledge of war is ruled by the Sagittarius sign.
Sagittarius holds a magnetism towards land. This energy causes war to take place more on the ground, as compared to in the air or water.  It supports areas that are dry and without water.  It is no coincidence that the majority of recent wars took place in hot desert regions.

After losing everything in the destructive energy of Scorpio, people often have to fight in order to build up civilization again. The first part of Sagittarius supports this ability to fight for the sake of restoration and the establishment of justice.
A PALACE or MANSION. Sagittarius rules over the location where a king lives. This energy tends to fall towards the last half of the sign, which is more beneficial than the first half.

When is Sagittarius strong?

  • The first half of Sagittarius (0 – 15 degrees) is strong in the 1st house.
  • The last half of Sagittarius (16 – 30 degrees) is strong in the 10th house.
  • In a Kendra position (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house), the first half of Sagittarius is strong during the day.  With the same Kendra position, the last half of Sagittarius is strong during the night.
  • Generally speaking, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is stronger during the night.
  • Jupiter is considered strong in Sagittarius and can give very good results.

What type of sign is Sagittarius?

The following list will tell you exactly what kind of sign Sagittarius is, according to Vedic astrology:

  • ANIMAL SIGN (as compared to mineral or vegetable signs). This includes all living beings from humans, animals, birds, sea creatures, and insects.
  • DUAL SIGN. Sagittarius has a fixed and moving component.
  • BIPEDAL/HUMAN SIGN. The first half of Sagittarius (0 – 15 degrees) is considered a bipedal or human sign.
  • QUADRUPED SIGN. The last half of Sagittarius (16 – 30 degrees) is considered a quadruped sign.
  • FIERCE SIGN. Sagittarius has active energy that can occasionally manifest in evil ways (despite the positive image of Sagittarius). The first half of Sagittarius (0 – 15 degrees) supports evil energy, while the last half of Sagittarius (16 – 30 degrees) supports the positive and beneficial energy that everyone knows it for.
  • SOLAR SIGN (as compared to lunar signs).
  • INTERIOR (as compared to the gateway or the exterior).

What is the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter?

Sagittarius is the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter in Vedic astrology. Jupiter feels at home here and is very comfortable being himself in this sign. He’s able to express the beneficial qualities that Jupiter is known for here.

Jupiter’s mooltrikona sign of Sagittarius is located precisely in the first third of the sign: 0 – 10 degrees, sidereal zodiac.

Jupiter is considered strong and positive when in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, especially the first 10 degrees. The beneficial energy he gives in Sagittarius is almost as good as what he does in his exaltation sign of Cancer. According to the Sarvartha Chintamani, a planet performs slightly better in their sign of exaltation, as compared to their mooltrikona sign.

What commandment is ruled by Sagittarius (of the 10 Commandments)?

Sagittarius rules the 9th commandment. It warns not to bear false witness against our neighbor.

Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign. The 9th commandment is located in Exodus 20:16. In numerology, the numbers 20:16 add up as follows: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. Sagittarius energy supports the number 9 throughout nature.

It’s been said that as the Moon transits through the 12 zodiac signs, God is testing us in each commandment. Sagittarius upholds the truth in all things and warns against saying things about people that aren’t true. When we tell lies about other people, we are creating negative karma in the Sagittarius sign.

Why does Sagittarius have a bow and arrow?

The bow and arrow in Sagittarius represent advanced war technology. Sagittarius rules over combat skills, battle, and the restoration of civilization after being hit by the destructive energy of Scorpio. After destruction, there is often a fight. Sagittarius helps people fight for peace, justice, and the restoration of harmony in society.

The man holding the bow and arrow represents upgraded human consciousness. He is aiming for a very specific target. In this way, Sagittarius supports the energy of setting goals. He is rising up out of the animal kingdom into the Divine kingdom. The lower half of his body is a horse, but the upper half is human. The Sagittarius sign supports the shifting point that evolves the man out of animalism into higher consciousness.

The evolution of human consciousness involves the development of focus and concentration. The mind must be one-pointed, just like the arrow, in order to advance to higher levels of awareness. The human that is caught up in the lower realms of animalism tends to have scattered thoughts with an inability to concentrate. Sagittarius upgrades the consciousness to a single focal point in order to hit a very specific target.

Sagittarius rules over the power behind the mind’s ability to concentrate and focus on one thing. This quality is necessary before you can manifest anything. The next sign of Capricorn requires the development of a concentrated idea before it can manifest in the physical dimension. Sagittarius is the prerequisite for success in Capricorn. If you want success in life, you must learn to control the mind, concentrate, focus on one thing at a time, and acquire higher knowledge in the process. That knowledge will be used to manifest things in Capricorn next.

Something that’s really important to understand is that, if you’re a Sagittarius, you don’t want to think that you’re only a certain way.  If you follow western astrology, being a Sagittarius means that your Sun is actually in the sign of Sagittarius.  In Vedic astrology, you’ll find that Sagittarius takes on a completely different meaning when the Moon enters the sign.  When all the different planets enter Sagittarius, you’re going to get different results.  Remember, all the planets are inside of you, not just the Sun.  It’s not as helpful to put all of your attention exclusively on the Sun or the Moon, although they’re very good indications as to how you’ll experience the world and how others will see you from the outside.

This article talked about the energetic nature and magnetism that the sign of Sagittarius actually stands for.  It’s good to understand the energy of a sign before you know how the planets will express themselves in that sign.  Just keep in mind that you have other planets working in your body making you, uniquely you!

It helps to think of each sign as a magnet.  There are 12 signs, and each magnet will only attract very specific things.  For example, a regular magnet as you know it, won’t attract a tennis ball.  So the sign of Sagittarius will only attract and make certain things in your life appear.  This can show up as different qualities, objects, or events.  Even in people you can see unique differences, depending on the sign.

If you want to look deeper into the sign of Sagittarius, determine which house it’s in as well. Your house placement will make your reading more precise, specific, and individualized.  House placement will give you way more information than just understanding the sign alone.

Hopefully, the Sagittarius description above helped you understand Sagittarius zodiac facts a bit better.  By now, you should know more about the Sagittarius meaning, ruling planet, symbol, karma, body part, and colors associated with the sign.  

Please remember to only use astrology as a guideline, not to use it as something that rules your life.  You rule your own life and have the gift of free will.  You are more powerful than what is written in your horoscope.  With proper knowledge of the zodiac comes power to understand your path. 

To overcome the magnetism and negative influence of the planets, the daily practice of Kriya Yoga is strongly encouraged in order to dissolve and burn off past evil negative karma that gets stored in the spinal column.  Sagittarius energy highly supports the practice of Kriya Yoga.  It’s best to learn it properly from a Kriya master that’s still alive. 

The kingdom is within you.  And that includes all the zodiac signs.

With God, all things are possible.



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