What Does Capricorn Rule? 43 Awesome Capricorn Facts


This article tells you exactly what the Capricorn sign rules over. All the Capricorn facts listed below are put together from countless hours of exhaustive research, extracting repeated truths from the most respected and authoritative ancient astrological texts.

So, what does Capricorn rule? Here is a quick list of facts that Capricorn rules over:

What body part does Capricorn rule?The knees
What element is Capricorn associated with?Earth (1st half of Capricorn, 0 – 15 degrees), – AND
Water (2nd half of Capricorn, 16 – 30 degrees)
What planet rules Capricorn?Saturn
What house does Capricorn rule?10th House
Is Capricorn masculine or feminine?Feminine (passive, receptive energy)
What direction does Capricorn rule?South
Where is Mars exalted?28 degrees Capricorn, sidereal zodiac
Where is Jupiter debilitated?5 degrees Capricorn, sidereal zodiac
What guna is Capricorn?Tamas

Capricorn rules over many other things that might surprise you. Below, you’ll find a more detailed list of things that represent Capricorn energy:

  • KARMA. Capricorn rules karma. Karma is your active labor.  It includes the actions that you take in life.  It’s your work.  It’s what you’re known for (that’s why your career falls into the sign).  On a deeper level, it rules over the actions you must take in this life based on your actions in past lives.  Saturn is known to be the planet that dishes out our karma and we can’t get away from it in the Capricorn sign.  It’s an energy that must be fulfilled in this life.  If we have debts to pay to others, this sign will make sure those debts are paid through our action or service to them in some way.
  • FAME. Capricorn rules over the energy of being famous and in the spotlight.  This sign puts a person where everyone can see them.  So if you have a planet like Jupiter here, it could make you very famous.  Obama, Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, and Jim Carrey all have Jupiter in Capricorn (sidereal zodiac).  Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy.  Jupiter is actually debilitated in this sign.
Capricorn Famous
Capricorn Rules Over Being Famous

What else does Capricorn represent?

  • SUPREME AUTHORITY.  The Capricorn sign rules over the energy of authority at the highest level.  For example, the President of a country has strong Capricorn energy because she has power to direct others from the highest position.  The sign shows a person’s level of authority over others.  It’s how much power you have.  In a company, it would be the CEO that holds Capricorn energy.  It rules over a person’s ability to command or give orders to others.  If you’re in charge, you’re tapping into the energy of the Capricorn sign. 
  • STANDARDS and QUALITY OF WORK.  The standards that you work by are represented by the Capricorn sign.  It involves the quality of your work and the actions that you take.  Do you have high standards?  Are you lazy and cut corners?  Capricorn will reveal this information.  Brand names get a lot of respect because of the high standards and quality they consistently provide.  Cheap products end up in the dollar store for a reason.  Ecclesiastes 9:10 says that whatever your hand sets out to do, do it with all your might.  So if you bother to do something, why not do it well, especially if it affects another person?
  • YOUR JOB or CAREER.  The main thing that everyone knows Capricorn to rule over is your work.  Capricorn rules careers, professions, and all jobs in general.  It’s the business you go into, or your occupation in general.  It holds the energy of your COMPLETED work.  When you finish a job, that’s what people know you for.  If I write a book and complete it, I’m then known as an author.  The book is my COMPLETED work.  That is pure Capricorn energy.  One thing to keep in mind with work is to be more like our knees (Capricorn rules the knees), staying flexible in a supportive environment.  People that make small adjustments in their work with this in mind often see that their entire career improves.  Being flexible sometimes means considering other points of view.  Things don’t always have to be black or white.  Many people appreciate flexibility in the work environment.  It’s also healthy to be supportive of the people we work with, considering we have less pain when there is more support (just like the pads in our knees).  Encouraging one another, instead of criticizing, can also be part of that support system.  If it’s impossible to be nice, at least we can try to practice tolerance.  Being flexible is about stretching just a bit out of our comfort zone for the sake of harmony.
Capricorn rules careers
Capricorn Rules Your Career

The meaning of the Capricorn sign also includes the following:

  • THE SKY and ATMOSPHERE.  Capricorn rules over anything that is related to the sky.  Clouds, mist, vapor, and ether all fall into the sign’s energy.  It is responsible for rain and drought cycles.  In astrology, the zenith point and midheaven are ruled by the Capricorn sign.  The place where a raindrop touches the ground is that perfect position between water and land, holding Capricorn energy.
  • SWAMPS and MARSHES.  Areas on Earth that hold strong Capricorn energy include rivers or forests with a lot of water.  Any place that is waterlogged with some movement in the water, think Capricorn.  Scorpio is fixed water, but Capricorn is moving water that includes both land and water.  For example, the Everglades in Florida are saturated in Capricorn energy.  It’s no coincidence that the Everglades are full of crocodiles, which Capricorn also rules over.  This region is a perfect example of the crossing point between land and water, which is Capricorn energy manifested.  Quicksand is ruled by Capricorn because it contains both land and water.
  • MANIFESTING THINGS.  We know that Sagittarius helps you with higher learning and with getting the building blocks to start something new.  Capricorn is all about what you’re going to do with those building blocks.  Once you have the steel, it’s time to build the skyscraper.  Sagittarius is about getting the steel and learning how to use it, while Capricorn is all about taking that steel and placing it in the middle of New York City in the form of a building.  It’s all about making it happen.  Some people learn things, but never do anything with it.  What good is learning how to make a salad if you never take the time to make one?  Capricorn is about the application of the knowledge that was learned in Sagittarius, which often ends up turning into a career for many people.  It’s doing something with what you know.  This is a key to material success!  

Knowledge + APPLICATION of Knowledge


The Capricorn sign in astrology also rules over the following things:

  • BELIEFS and THOUGHTS are ruled by Capricorn.  The key here is to make sure your beliefs and thoughts are actually true and based on reality.  Opinions and a person’s point of view holds strong Capricorn energy.  Politics can fall into this sign because we often see many different ideas and opinions in the political arena.  It’s important to let facts lead in this area instead of feelings and emotions.  Capricorn energy gets totally out of balance when people try to defend their beliefs with feelings.  People don’t respect that.  Emotional and childish debates destroy what this sign has to offer.  Calm, cool, and fact-based discussions tend to do much better here.  Remember, Capricorn is the sign that controls the highest aspect of balance and equilibrium.  Being emotional throws that balance off center and isn’t helpful in this sign.  Emotions should be saved for the sign of Cancer, which pretty much tells us to keep our feelings at home, not at work.  There’s a place for everything.  Most of us would rather have our boss speak to us in a calm, controlled manner, as compared to an emotional rage. 
  • THE MIDDLE or CENTER OF SOMETHING.  Capricorn holds the energy of being in the middle or center.  It’s the point of equilibrium or centralization.  It’s a neutralizing force.  The entrance to a gate is often perfectly balanced in the middle.  Capricorn supports the point that doesn’t fall heavy to the right or to the left.  The gateway is in the middle (entrance to the 3rd eye).  This is a secret of Capricorn that often gets overlooked.  It’s the point between heaven and Earth in the realm of ether.
  • PROGRESS and GROWTH.  Capricorn rules over the energy of advancing an activity.  For example, a person could advance in their career by moving from the job of a grocery bagger to the position of a cashier manager.  Or you could make progress by doing a single back flip, then advancing to a double back flip over time in gymnastics training.  It’s all about moving up and forward.  A mayor who advances her career to being president of the country is a perfect Capricorn example.  Bigger, better, and beyond!
Capricorn Rules Progress in Life
  • ACHIEVEMENTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  Capricorn rules over your status level in society, your ranking, and your position in life.  It highlights all of your success.
  • RESPECT and HONOR.  Capricorn rules over what you’re known for, or how the public sees you.  It’s how you conduct yourself as compared to other people around you.  Your general behavior can be seen from this sign.  You can see if someone is respected or not by looking at Capricorn in their chart.

Ignorance and Knowledge

Capricorn rules over the duality of ignorance and knowledge.  These energies are opposite one another.  Either you have knowledge about something, or you don’t. 

People who have more knowledge end up being the ones with authority.  The people who are under authority are often there because of ignorance.  If you don’t like being under someone’s authority, Capricorn is telling you to increase your knowledge, and it will be easier to break free. 

Some people think they have to live a life of poverty and misery working for someone else.  That just isn’t true.  The person in authority likely got there because they put knowledge in their brain which allowed them to operate the business.  The people working for the business don’t have the knowledge of how or why the business works, so they just settle for a paycheck. 

Some people are really happy working for others, and that’s great.  But some people keep complaining about their boss or are just talkers, not doers.  Remember, this kind of thing ruins Capricorn.  Instead of talking, it’s better to do something, starting with finding access to any kind of knowledge that will help you get out of the situation. 

You can find a video on YouTube for free that will teach you anything and everything, that is, if you do what they say and get off the couch. Reading books on the subject that interests you is an excellent way to increase your knowledge. Ask or follow experts who are doing what you want to learn. There are many ways to increase knowledge.

Ignorance is just as much a part of Capricorn as knowledge is.  Some people think ignorance is bliss.  Some people think ignorance is debilitating.  It’ll depend on what planets and aspects you have going on in this sign. 

If you want to stop being under someone’s control, then INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.  In Capricorn, it’s either knowledge or ignorance,  which one do you prefer?

Apply Your Knowledge in Capricorn

What kind of sign is Capricorn?

1st Half
(0 – 15 degrees)
2nd Half
(16 – 30 degrees)
Kind of SignQuadrupedWatery
Mineral, Plant, or AnimalMineralMineral
Elemental EnergyEarthWater

True Knowledge

Capricorn rules over the highest order of knowledge.  What is that exactly?  It’s knowledge that is based on facts and primal truth.  It’s something you can prove in real life.  For example, if I told you that an apple would fall back into my hand after I threw it up in the air, I could actually do it and prove to you that what I said was true. 

Capricorn supports actual facts that work in the real world.  Some people claim things to be true, but they can’t prove it.  For those of you from Missouri, you know that state’s slogan is “Show Me”.  If you can’t back up what you’re saying with evidence, then what’s the point?  Otherwise it’s all just talk.  Too much talking is a waste of breath. 

Capricorn says do somethingShow me.  How can you gain the trust of others if you can’t prove that what you’re saying is true?  Capricorn is really picky about this.  And that’s because it’s a manifesting energy.  You can’t manifest things that aren’t real. 

Capricorn is like an upgrade on the truth of Sagittarius.  You may know something to be true in Sagittarius, but in Capricorn, you must show that it is true.  This is where some religions fall short.  They may say that what they believe in is true, yet they can’t prove it.  I’m not criticizing religion, by the way.  I’m just saying that Capricorn would make them prove it. 

The energy of Capricorn can be verified by personal experience.  You understand what pistachio ice cream tastes like only after experiencing it for yourself.  Isn’t it better to have your own ice cream instead of going to a lecture where they just talk about how it tastes?  That’s so boring.  Experiencing it for yourself is the way to go in Capricorn. 

Capricorn says, “Show Me.” Evidence can be verified through personal experience.

Unfortunately, Capricorn is the spoiler that tells little children that Santa Clause doesn’t exist.  Show me. 

So what’s the big deal about knowledge?  Well, you can’t manifest things without knowledge.  You can’t bake a gluten-free cake unless you have the knowledge of how to do it.  This could be from culinary school or just simply following a recipe on the internet. 

It doesn’t matter where the knowledge comes from. What matters is that it works.  If it doesn’t work, you need to get new knowledge.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

ALBERT Einstein

So keep learning and applying the knowledge.  Getting what you want will become easier and easier this way.  You can create your own reality.  Some people don’t manifest things because they don’t take the time to learn how.  That can be due to laziness, ignorance, or a little of both.

All signs have their good and bad qualities. One of the more challenging qualities of Capricorn is that it’s a tamasic guna.  What does that mean?  Basically, it’s inertia, laziness, darkness, ignorance, and so on.  But if you keep moving, you won’t run into this dark side of Capricorn.  Remember, it’s a moving sign. 

So don’t stop learning, growing, and applying what you know (key word:  applying).  If you do, you’ll get sucked into the hole of lazy energy and you won’t be known for great accomplishments.  I’m not saying everyone needs to accomplish something great, but if that’s your desire, understanding Capricorn energy will help you along with this. 

Capricorn energy can make you famous if you apply knowledge correctly.  Don’t sit on the couch eating potato chips and pizza all day, unless you want to get sick. 

Once people achieve their goals, they often stop moving forward. Then they get depressed and wonder why.  You see this with gold medal athletes all the time.  They win the Olympics then gain a lot of weight and wonder why they’re so discouraged. 

You can only get through the gate to the 3rd eye when you achieve balance in the Capricorn zodiac sign, not the other signs, this sign in particular.  Follow the natural energy of the sign, and it gets a lot easier.  Otherwise, it’s like trying to swim upstream. 

Saturn sees everything.  This is one planet you don’t want to mess with.  When you follow Saturn’s rules, you are greatly rewarded.  This often comes at the expense of a lot of hard work and some discomfort.  But it’s totally worth it.

Capricorn Rules the Outer Gate to the Third Eye

What part of the body does Capricorn rule?

Your body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs.  All the constellations are inside of you.  The top of your head is Aries, your face is Taurus, and moving all the way down in order, you’ll find Pisces in your feet. 

So where is Capricorn in your body?  Capricorn is located in your knees. The knees hold Capricorn body rulership.

Capricorn Rules Your Knees

The knees are the most flexible joints in the lower half of your body, which bend up to 140 degrees.  The energy of Capricorn is telling us the importance of being both flexible and stable at the same time. 

Capricorn energy also tells us to make sure we have protection in life.  The knee is full of joint fluid that acts as lubrication.  The fluid prevents damage to the knee and serves as protection.  There are 2 big pads in the knee that also serve as shock absorbers for stress (meniscus).  Capricorn is telling us not only to have protection, but to have something set in place that will absorb shock and stress in life. 

For example, having a practice like meditation is an excellent way to deal with any stress you might be having from your job.  Meditation is a shock absorber, just like the meniscus pads in your knees.  Yoga and meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce stress.  Capricorn rules over your career, which may cause stress for some people.  This sign carries a lot of weight and stress, literally.  We need to keep this energetic aspect of ourselves healthy, especially before we seek things like pleasure, fun, and feel-good activities.

Sometimes in life we can be securely grounded and stable, but we get stuck and too comfortable there.  Capricorn is teaching us that it’s helpful to be flexible while remaining grounded at the same time.  On the other hand, some people are way too flexible in life and have absolutely no ground beneath to support them, so they fall flat on their faces. 

We should be like our knees:  stable, yet flexible.  If we don’t stretch our knees regularly, they get stiff and painful.  So it’s important to stay moving in this sign.  Capricorn is a moving sign, according to many ancient Vedic astrology scriptures.  If we try to stay fixed and grounded in this sign, the energy will back up and eventually create suffering. This is because we neglect the inherent moving energy. 

It’s possible to stay moving while maintaining a grounded support, just like our knees.  I like to call this dynamic stability.  You can jump higher if you bend your knees more.  The less you bend your knees, the lower your jump will be.  So in life, if you want to advance higher in your pursuits, remember to make sure you have a good grounded foundation from which you can move freely. 

Capricorn supports all the other 9 zodiac signs that come before it, just like your knees support your entire body above.  Without the knees, you wouldn’t even be able to stand up or walk.  Try to stand up with straight legs (don’t bend your knees).  You’ll find it doesn’t work that well.  But if you use the flexibility available in your knees by bending them before standing up, you’ll see that it’s actually very easy. 

We must stay flexible and moving in the areas that Capricorn rules over.  The knees support everything we do when it comes to moving around, standing up, and walking.  If you take out the knees, just like a skyscraper, the whole building falls down.  That’s why it’s so important to understand the foundational aspect of this sign, keeping in mind it also supports movement.  For success, we need both.

What is the meaning of the Capricorn symbol?

Capricorn Symbol

The symbol for Capricorn is a hybrid sea monster.  The top half is a land animal with a weapon on its head, such as a tusk or antlers. This weapon symbolizes the pain of facing our past karma head on.  Specifically, this creature has the head of a deer with antlers, and the lower half is the sea body of Leviathan. 

This creature is the guardian of the gateway that protects the throne room of higher consciousness.  There are many barriers we must go through before we can first achieve self-realization, then God-realization after that.  Capricorn is a major guardian of this massive gate and void. 

We can’t get past the sea monster until it dishes out all of our past karma.  We have to neutralize all of our wrongs before we are allowed to pass.  There is a price for every action.  Capricorn sees to it that we pay the fair price for everything we’ve done, from this life and all our lives before. 

Another symbol for Capricorn is a vicious water animal with a prominent nose.  Alligators and crocodiles are perfect examples. 

The crocodile is another symbol of the Capricorn sign.
The Crocodile is Another Capricorn Symbol

The water that crocodiles dwell in represents higher consciousness.  Their nose stands out because its super pointed.  Their whole face pretty much melts into their nose. 

So what does this mean?  We know that the nose is the outer entrance to the 3rd eye, which sits in the middle of the head.  The 2 nostrils actually terminate in the 3rd eye and become one center inside.  The crocodile is showing us that the outer entrance of the gate to the 3rd eye is literally located at the point of our nose. 

Our nose on the outside is the land aspect of the crocodile, which is lower consciousness.  The 3rd eye on the inside is the water aspect of the crocodile, which is higher consciousness. Just like the sea creature we talked about earlier is half land-animal and half water-animal. 

The energy of Capricorn is all about the entrance point to the 3rd eye.  It’s not about the 3rd eye itself yet.  We’ll get to that part in the next 2 articles. 

Remember, Capricorn is a split sign.  The 1st half is land-based, which goes from 0-15 degrees (sidereal zodiac).  This half is stronger in the 10th house and during the middle of the day, like around noon.  That’s the stable and grounded aspect of Capricorn in the outer world.  Land tends to be stable. 

The 2nd half is water- based, which goes from 16-30 degrees (sidereal zodiac).  That’s the moving and spiritual aspect of Capricorn in the inner world of higher consciousness.  The last half of Capricorn here is strong in the 4th house and at night

The actual gateway is right at 15 degrees.  It’s the crossover point.  The last half of Capricorn starts to move out of form into the realm above physical manifestation at this point.  The higher our consciousness ascends, the less dependent we become on form and the outer world, also known as the matrix.

Just be aware that your nose is the outer gateway that leads to the third eye door, also known as your spiritual eye.  Yoga teaches techniques that activate and open this gate.  Kriya yoga is an advanced practice, which must be taught by a master.

What element is Capricorn?

After comprehensive research of ancient Vedic astrological texts, data shows that the element ruled by Capricorn is both earth and water. Most people believe the Capricorn element is entirely earth, but that’s only true for the first half of the sign.

1st Half Capricorn2nd Half Capricorn
Degrees (sidereal zodiac)0 – 15 degrees16 – 30 degrees
LocationLand-based energyWater-based energy
Part of SymbolLand animal with tusks or antlers (upper half of creature)Sea animal with a large fishlike tail (lower half of creature)

The first half of Capricorn rules over earth, because it’s land-based.  The last half of Capricorn rules over water, where we move out of form towards the formless Abyss of higher consciousness.  Realizing that the energy is divided helps us to better understand the Capricorn element meaning.

You might be wondering why water is considered so spiritual?  Technically, it’s an aspect of the Holy Spirit manifested into form.  Water existed before anything was created, according to the creation story in Genesis 1:2.  Where there is water, there is God.  Note that the Bible does not say that God created water.  It was already there. Ezekiel 43:2 says that God’s voice is like the sound of many waters.

What planet rules over Capricorn?

The planet that rules over Capricorn is Saturn.  It’s known to govern the great Sea that lies beyond the massive void of higher consciousness.  The water aspect of Capricorn is connected to this cosmic Sea.

What else does Capricorn rule over?

  • SERVANTS. The Capricorn sign in astrology rules over servants.  This is the opposite position from supreme authority. You can’t have authority if you don’t have anyone to have authority over.  Capricorn controls the working class of people whose main job is in the service industry or just serving others in general.  It’s typical that those with supreme authority have more knowledge than the servants.  The more knowledge a person has, the less likely they are to be a servant.
  • MOVING FORWARD IN SOMETHING. Capricorn rules over the energy of moving ahead and going in general.  It’s in charge of the things you’re always doing and working towards.  If you say that you need to go and do something, that is a Capricorn thing.  It’s a task that needs to get done. It’s the actual doing of that task that Capricorn rules.  Generally, these are tasks that are for the sake of others and not for the self, just like someone’s job, which serves others. 

You’ll often see that when people retire from their jobs, they get depressed.  That’s because they have stopped flowing with the moving energy of Capricorn.  Capricorn isn’t saying that you always need to have a job, it’s just saying you need to always have something that you’re working towards. 

You should always have goals you’re working towards, especially if you’re retired.  If not, the energy can flip and backfire on you. Keep moving towards your goals.  That will balance the energy and you’re less likely to get depressed.

  • FORCE and FORM. Capricorn is the zodiac sign that rules over the highest energy where force meets form.  This is a point of balance and equilibrium. 

WHAT IS FORCE AND FORM? Force is active energy that can be literal energy, your conscious attention, or even an idea.  You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. It’s force.  Form is a passive object that receives the force in order to make it come alive. 

For example, force can be gasoline and form can be a car.  What good is having a car without gas? You need both: force and form, in order to make the car go.  What good is gas if you don’t have a car?  Capricorn rules over the marriage of these 2 fundamental concepts that serve as the root cause of manifestation. 

So if you’re trying to create something and you’re having difficulty making it happen, make sure you look to see if you are deficient in either force or form.  Usually one of these is lacking. 

Remember, knowledge and ideas are considered force, it’s not just physical energy like gas and electricity. 


– All Souls that Understand the Secrets of Manifestation

Whatever you put your attention on, you empower it.  This is because your attention is a force, a very powerful one, at that.  Most people don’t realize that there is literal power in the mind.  Put those ideas into form, and you’ve created a smart phone, for example. 

Force can also involve you taking action.  For success in Capricorn, consider the following equation:


When is Capricorn stronger?

1st Half Capricorn
(0 – 15 degrees)
2nd Half Capricorn
(16 – 30 degrees)
Time of Day Capricorn
is Stronger
Middle of Day (around Noon)Night
House where Capricorn
is Stronger
10th House4th House
Capricorn YouTube Video

What does the Bible say about Capricorn in astrology?

Some people might be surprised what the Bible says about astrology.

If you want to go deeper into the subtleties of the Capricorn zodiac sign, I suggest reading the very short book of James in the back of your Bible.  It was written by the brother of Jesus. It’s full of Capricorn secrets. 

James probably knew Jesus much better than the rest of the authors in the New Testament.  Yet, they slipped the book of James in the very back of the Bible, containing only a few pages, so most people never even see it.  It’s my favorite of all the books. Capricorn energy is glorified, rightfully so.

It’s all about doing something, instead of talking about it.  If you don’t own a Bible, you can read it for free online (search: “book of James”). 

In politics, we hear people constantly talking about things, but they rarely actually do anything.  James says quit talking and get moving.  People that talk too much are like chickens.  Get to work.

What does the Bible say about zodiac signs, including Capricorn?

The Ten Commandments hold the foundation that teaches us what the Bible says about zodiac signs.

It’s been said that when the Moon moves through each sign in the zodiac, we’re being tested in 1 of the 10 Commandments. The 10th Commandment is found in Exodus 20:17. 

Using numerology, you’ll find that when you add 2 + 0 + 1 + 7, you get 10.  Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac. 

Exodus 20:17

The 10th commandment corresponds to Capricorn.  It tells us not to desire or be jealous of what other people have.  We realize what other people have because the energy of Capricorn puts a person in the spotlight, where everyone sees them. 

Remember, Capricorn energy is what you’re known for. It’s the side of you that everyone sees.  Since we all have very unique gifts, being jealous of someone’s stuff makes us ungrateful for the things we have.  That pulls us away from gratitude and our suffering increases. 

People have the things they do because of past karma. Natural law says that everything we do is equally returned to us, eventually.  Everyone gets what they deserve. Why should we hate someone who has worked hard for what they have?  Especially when we’re too lazy to work for it ourselves? 

Instead of being jealous of what others have, Capricorn tells us to take action and do something about our own situation.  If we always spend time focusing on other people, we neglect our own development.  Where your mind goes, energy flows. 

If we’re constantly focused on other people, our energy is literally flowing to them as we deplete our own resources. We give them our energy by focusing on them!  If we keep our attention and energy sealed up within ourselves, we become more powerful.  The more energy we store up inside, the more we can manifest. 

For this reason, we do better when we stop coveting our neighbor’s stuff, which is the 10th Commandment ruled by Capricorn.

This article discussed the ruling and energetic nature of the Capricorn sign.  It’s good to understand the energy of a sign before you know how the planets will express themselves in that sign.  Keep in mind that other planets are working in your body to make you, uniquely you.

It helps to think of each sign as a magnet.  There are 12 signs, and each magnet will only attract very specific things.  A regular magnet as we know it won’t attract a piece of wood. So the sign of Capricorn will only attract and make certain things appear in your life, which can show up as different objects, events, or qualities.

Astrology is not just about personality types.  It holds one of the keys that helps us decode the matrix.  It’s worth studying all the signs and not just the one associated with the personality.  Astrology helps you understand your past in order realize your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, you can design your own future with precision.

It’s important to understand that, if you’re a Capricorn, you don’t want to think you’re defined exclusively by Capricorn’s rules.  If you follow western astrology, being a Capricorn means that your Sun is placed in the Capricorn sign. In Vedic astrology, Capricorn takes on a whole new meaning when the Moon enters the sign.  When different planets enter the Capricorn sign, you’ll get different results. All of the planets are inside you, not just the Sun. We shouldn’t put all of our attention on the Sun or the Moon, even though they can reveal how we’ll experience the world and the way other people will see us from the outside.  If we understand all of the zodiac signs, then we’ll be better equipped with the keys to self-mastery.

Everyone should master the Capricorn sign if they want success in all the other 9 areas of life that come before Capricorn, specifically Aries through Sagittarius.  A lot of people are not aware that the wealth, success, and good luck in Sagittarius are all supported and receive flowing energy from Capricorn first. If you can clear Capricorn and make it flow, then you will have more success in the Sagittarius areas of your life, which we talked about in the last article.  The sign of Capricorn is moving up in consciousness as compared to all the signs before it. So it’s worth spending a little extra time on the last few signs of the zodiac for this reason. If you can master the last few signs first, Capricorn being one of them, then everything else in your life will naturally flow better, because you’re addressing the root cause of existence.

If you want to look deeper into Capricorn in your birth chart, look at what house it’s in. Your house position will make your reading more specific, precise, and individualized to you.  It will give you a lot more information than analyzing Capricorn alone.

You can visit my YouTube channel if you’d like to watch a video I put together on Capricorn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq1hbhExUMg.

Remember to only use astrology as a guideline.  Please don’t use it as something set in stone.  You are the ruler of your own life and have the gift of free will.  Create your own reality through the understanding of astrology and by listening to the wisdom of your heart’s inner guidance.

You’re much more powerful that what your horoscope shows you.  When you properly understand the zodiac signs, you have more power to guide your own path. 

To overcome the magnetism and negative energy of the planets in your life, it’s strongly recommended to practice Kriya Yoga daily. This kind of meditation can burn off your past evil negative karma.  It’s best to learn Kriya Yoga from a Master that’s still alive.

The kingdom is within you.  With God, all things are possible.


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