VIRGO SIGN: Top 29 AMAZING Virgo Facts

What is the meaning of Virgo? Take a look at the following Virgo zodiac sign facts:

What body part does Virgo rule?The belly button and waist
What type of sign is Virgo?Dual (according to Parashara)
What gender is Virgo sign?Female energy (receptive)
What planet rules Virgo?Mercury
What planet is exalted in Virgo?Mercury (at 15 degrees, sidereal zodiac)
What is the Moolatrikona sign of Mercury?Virgo (15-30 degrees, sidereal zodiac)
Where is Venus debilitated?Virgo (27 degrees, sidereal zodiac)
Where is the maternal uncle house in astrology?Virgo rules the maternal uncle in the 6th house.
Where are astrology debt problems found?The 6th house, ruled by Virgo
What guna is Virgo?Tamas (inertia, heavy, slow)
When is Virgo strong?Daytime
On the compass, where is the Virgo sign direction?South
What is a common Virgo houseplant?Bamboo
Are there specific Virgo food favorites?Bamboo shoots and bamboo water hold very strong Virgo energy.

The Virgo zodiac sign reveals many secrets that people may not be aware of.  Virgo energy can be seen in all things if we know what to look for.  The next section will give you the true Virgo meaning with more extensive Virgo zodiac sign facts.

What Virgo Sign Means: What is Virgo Energy?

The following Virgo description contains a list of Virgo facts, unveiling what Virgo is known for in general:

WORKING CLASS PEOPLE.  The Virgo star sign rules the people who provide service to others on a day-to-day basis.  It includes the entire service industry.  People here are often the ones that get the necessary work done in order for society to thrive.  Farmers, truck drivers, janitors, waitresses, cashiers, housekeepers, and nurses are several examples of this class.  These people are the hard-working servants of humanity that provide direct assistance to one another.  They are intimately tied to the business community.  The human species would eventually die without this group of people.  It is a position of humility and necessity.  Servants of humanity are ruled by the Virgo sign.  The more evolved in consciousness a person becomes, the more they serve humanity.  Remember, the meek shall inherit the Earth.
INJURY, DISEASE and ACCIDENTS.  Virgo is known for injuries, wounds, surgery, inflammation, accidents with injury to the body, broken bones, ulcers, swelling, bruises, phlegm, and boils.  Sickness and pretty much anything that goes wrong with the body is ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign.  The diseases of your family are also ruled by Virgo.
GENERAL HEALTH.  One of the main Virgo qualities that everyone can relate to is our overall wellness.  If we purify our bodies with spiritual fire (e.g., kundalini), we will be better equipped to experience God from the lower dimension of dense flesh. 
Jesus practiced hardcore purification practices (tapas) in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights in order to receive the incoming Christ.  The Sanskrit word tapas actually means to heat.  If we can burn away our past karma (e.g., through the daily practice of Kriya Yoga), then bodily disease will naturally be dissolved over time.  When the body becomes completely purified with spiritual fire, we are able to perceive the Holy Spirit that dwells directly within us. 
The sign of Virgo is all about bringing divinity into the flesh.  More light is able to come in as the body becomes more purified.  If we become 100% light, then the flesh can achieve immortality.  Yogis and masters have done this throughout the ages.  The dirtier the body is, the more darkness and death the body will literally hold. 
Ultimately, we are moving towards the transition of diet from 3-dimensional food (grains) to the breathless nourishment of prana from God (fire/higher frequency purified diet).  Jesus said that, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).  When we are nourished by God and not the substances from the lower-vibrational world, disease and death are naturally removed and we become immortal.  This is part of the reason Virgo is considered an auspicious sign.  It is ultimately to our benefit if we achieve immortality. Death is an illusion. 
Building up the light body and burning off the darkness is a key concept within the sign of Virgo.  We can see how the dual nature of this sign is featured when we compare the 3-D world of death (fixed) with the immortal dimension of life (moving).
DIVISION and ORGANIZATION.  The zodiac sign Virgo is responsible for dividing things into parts.  It creates portions and fractions.  Virgo is all about taking the whole and breaking it down into smaller sections. 

For example, dinner can be broken down into the courses of appetizer, entree, and dessert.  Virgo divides time as the year is broken down into 12-month divisions.  It divides the day into 24 hours.  Virgo energy is responsible for dividing the space of a house into separate rooms.  A pie is divided into slices due to the energy of the Virgo sign.  People can be divided into different genders, race, religion, or political perspective.  Seasons are divided into 4 sections.  Source energy is divided into 12 zodiac signs through the rulership of 7 planets. 
The Virgo star sign rules over the organization of things into specific parts.  That is why those with strong Virgo qualities tend to be very detail-oriented.  They know how to break a problem down into more manageable pieces in order to bring about better understanding or ease within a project. This is one of the most popular Virgo traits.  Virgo is the sign to look to if you want to create categories of anything. 
HILLS, PASTURES, and IRRIGATED LANDS that grow food are all ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign.  Farming and agriculture are all supported here because of this particular type of land.  You will find farm animals in the Virgo sign for this reason (especially animals that are used for food or for labor in the field).

Because Virgo is a dual sign, it promotes the formation of fertile ground due to the fixed nature of the earth and the movable nature of the Sun.  The combination of these dual forces yields the production of crops and provides the perfect environment for life to grow.
DIET and EXERCISE.  On a very practical level, Virgo sign rules over your daily health routine.  Your dietary preferences and physical lifestyle (workouts) are located here.  Your food and general dishes are ruled by Virgo.  It’s very important to be aware of the energetic nature of the food we consume.  It affects our thoughts and general well-being.  If the physical body is afflicted, neglected, and not properly cared for, it is much more difficult to communicate with and realize God.
ENEMIES.  Virgo sign rules over a person’s enemies.  This includes being deceived, cheated, lied to, and stolen from.  You will find thieves in this sign.  Cruelty and wicked behavior in general are assigned here.  Hatred, dislike, and hostility are a key attribute of Virgo. The Virgo enemy sign rules the 6th house.
ANXIETY and FEAR.  The emotions of dread, worry, fear, alarm, panic, fright, being scared, anxiety, intense anguish, humiliation, nervous diseases, and suspicion are all ruled by Virgo.  It is easy to identify these emotions by imagining how a person would react if they encountered their enemies in battle.  How would a person feel if they had a gun pointed in their face?  That is exactly the kind of emotion and general reaction Virgo rules over.
If you’re asking, “What zodiac sign is mental illness?”, the Virgo sign will provide answers regarding anxiety and panic aspects of the mind (see Cancer and Gemini articles for other mental health concerns).

Always seek the help of a mental health professional if you are struggling with any of the above issues.
WEAPONS.  Weapons are assigned to Virgo because they are often used by one’s enemies (ruled by Virgo) and associated with injury (also ruled by Virgo – see above).  Anything that causes harm to the physical body is located in this sign.

Is there a particular Virgo color palette? What color represents Virgo?

The colors assigned to the Virgo zodiac sign are mixed and multicolored.  This could consist of 2 different colors in various patterns.  A zebra’s coat or a multi-colored clown outfit would be a perfect representation of Virgo’s rulership over color.  Since Mercury is ever-moving and always changing, it rules color in the same manner by constantly mixing, moving, and shifting hues.  Saravali states that the color tied to Virgo is gray.  There is no exact color for Virgo due to the constant fluctuation of energy.

What does Virgo symbolize? What is the Virgo symbol holding?

The symbol that corresponds with Virgo is a virgin woman standing in a boat carrying fire in one hand and grains in the other.  According to Parashara, Virgo is a dual sign.  A dual sign holds both a moving and fixed component.  In this way, the fire she holds in one hand represents the moving aspect of the dual sign while the grains in her other hand represent the fixed aspect.  Fire represents the highest point to which the human body can ascend while maintaining its shape and form.  Grains represent the grounding aspect that keeps the human body in physical form for support of the lower chakras.  The lesson of Virgo is to find a balance between these 2 dual forces through the achievement of physical purification. 

The symbol of a virgin represents purity of the physical body.  It also symbolizes the transmutation of life force energy that normally creates children into the rebirth of a transfigured physical vessel of light.  This concept is essential to understanding the sign at its deepest core level.  If you can get past the 5th sign in the zodiac (Leo/having children), you can transmute the same energy into the rebirth of your own spiritual body in Virgo.  We must be born again.  The ascending fire of kundalini will purify and cleanse the entire physical vessel and bring it closer to God.

The virgin is standing in the boat that crosses the great abyss, leading from the physical body to the destination of formlessness and higher consciousness.  Purification of the physical vessel is the key to crossing this vast ocean that separates lower 3-dimensional consciousness from higher infinite consciousness. 

Physical purification ultimately aligns with mental and spiritual purification at the highest level.  Virgo is trying to teach us to bring the light of divinity down from the formless realm into the physical body to allow for the full entry of Spirit into the physical dimension.  She is also trying to teach us to bring the purest form of grounded 3D substance into the human vessel in order to help it ascend to the point of fire, which leads into realms of higher consciousness and formlessness.  We should not be limited to our physical bodies.  There are many worlds and dimensions to be experienced outside of the 3D realm! 

The beginner’s guide to mastering the sign of Virgo starts with physical purification through a sattvic diet full of life force (prana), consisting of abundant fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  Following the dietary principles of Ayurveda according to your specific physical constitution can be very beneficial.  There are techniques where you can directly ingest prana through sunlight (Surya Yoga).

It is also necessary to remove physical and mental disease before consciousness can ascend out of the physical body.  The daily practice of Kriya Yoga is the fastest way to purify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, aligning them in harmony with the spiritual body. 

If you want to take the first step towards getting your body healthy again, it is recommended to make an appointment with a medical doctor of functional medicine for a complete physical and proper treatment.

What part of the body does Virgo rule?

The constellation of Virgo is located in the region of your belly button (navel).  It includes the area around your waist and the 2 upper hip bones of the iliac crests (upper pelvis bones– the side part of the waist where you rest a laundry basket). 

Virgo is the 6th sign out of 12 zodiac signs, which cuts the zodiac wheel exactly in half.  You will notice that the point of your belly button also cuts the body exactly in half.  The Virgo sign is the defining area that separates the upper body from the lower body, which technically separates your higher self from your lower self in terms of consciousness. 

Your body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs, yet they will be expressed differently in each person. The 12 zodiac signs each represent a very specific part of your body.

What kind of sign is Virgo?

The Virgo zodiac sign is considered auspicious, or beneficial to the person.  It is actually designed to help you over time.  So don’t think it’s a bad sign because it rules over diseases and enemies, which are normally perceived as negative things.

Virgo sign is considered an animal sign (as compared to mineral or plant signs).  It contains beings with a higher state of mind, such as humans and animals.  These types of life have a higher vibrational rate and possess a consciousness that is closer to God, as compared to the mineral or plant kingdoms below.

The type of sign associated with Virgo is:  bipedal (an animal that uses 2 legs for walking).  It is considered a human sign.

What commandment (of the Ten Commandments) represents Virgo?

Virgo sign holds the energy of the 6th commandment (when considering the ten commandments given to Moses by God).  See Exodus 20:13.  This commandment instructs us not to kill.  We know that murder is intimately tied to bodily injury, enemies, weapons, fear, and intense anguish (all Virgo qualities).  These attributes are perfectly summed up in this one commandment. 

It has been said that God is testing us in each commandment as the Moon travels through each of the zodiac segments.  The first 10 zodiac signs are the 10 commandments as given to Moses.  The last 2 zodiac signs are the 2 commandments that sum up the 10, according to the teachings of Jesus. 

Our test is to transition our attachment from the magnetism of the 12 zodiac signs and place it on God instead.  Everything we experience in each of the 12 zodiac signs is really just God disguised in a lower vibrational form or event.  If we can detach our attention from the matrix of the zodiac, we can ultimately attain liberation from the wheel of suffering and reincarnation.

Exodus 20:13 – 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6

6th Sign = Virgo – Coincidence?

Hopefully, this article was able to provide you with more knowledge of the Virgo symbol, the Virgo element and planet, Virgo karma, the overall Virgo zodiac sign meaning, and of the Virgo star sign in general.

It’s important to realize that you are not defined exclusively by your general zodiac sun sign.  If you define yourself as a Virgo, it means you’re only putting attention on a small part of your actual existence.  The human body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs.  If we limit the definition of our personality to only one of these signs, we may be seriously shortchanging ourselves.  The point in astrology is to know how you relate to all 12 of the zodiac signs and how you are affected when the planets move in and out of each one of the signs.  Your body holds and understands all of the energetic and magnetic qualities of the 12 zodiac signs, not just the one you identify with in your horoscope.  But what happens when Jupiter moves into the sign of Virgo?  Will that change how you relate to your own sign?  Yes!!!  The sign of Virgo will express itself in different ways, depending on which planets are sitting in it and moving through it.

The above article is not intended to identify and limit you to one sign only.  If your Sun is in Virgo, you will most definitely exhibit many strong and beautiful qualities of Virgo in your life.  However, it’s good to be aware of what signs your other planets are sitting in.  This can help you understand the way you feel about and function in the world.  What you read above does not mean that your entire existence is only limited to what is stated.  You will also relate to the descriptions of the 11 other zodiac signs, which are inside of you as well.

The sign of Virgo is like a magnet.  It attracts very specific qualities, objects, and events into your life.  Think of Virgo as a segment of energy that the planets travel through in the sky. When a planet enters or aspects the section of Virgo, the energy will “spray out” into the world as we know it, causing us to experience the energy in super obvious ways.  These “ways” are described above.  Astrology is much more than just personality types.  It explains the matrix around us if we can understand the underlying energy.

Astrology should be used only as a guideline, not as something that rules your life.  You rule your own life and are given free will to do what you want.  You possess the power to overcome the negative magnetism of the planets and signs.  The daily practice of Kriya Yoga is the fastest path to dissolving your past evil negative karma.  If we know what the planets and signs are doing, we can navigate our path with greater ease and awareness.  With God, all things are possible.  We have the strength and ability to rule over our own actions instead of giving that power to the cosmos.  The kingdom is within You.

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