TAURUS SIGN: What Does Taurus Mean?

What is the meaning of Taurus zodiac sign? If you’re asking, “What is Taurus sign?” and want to know what Taurus means, then this article is for you.


What body part does Taurus rule?Your face (from the eyes down to your chin)
What color represents Taurus?White
What planet rules Taurus?Venus
Which planet is exalted in Taurus?The Moon (at 3 degrees, sidereal zodiac)
What time of day is Taurus strongest?Night
What planet rules money?Venus

Is it true that Taurus rules money?

Taurus rules over money.  Your wealth, whether a lot or a little, can be seen from this sign.  It shows how much money you actually haveThis does not mean a credit card.  It means the actual positive balance of bucks in your checking account, the actual cash in your wallet.  The amount of money you have ready to spend and liquidate is all seen from this sign.  It rules over your finances and bank accounts in general.

Does Taurus love food?

Food and drinks are assigned to the Taurus astrological sign.  Fast food, fine dining, snacks, buffets, wine, juices, tea, and desserts (think anything you consume) are located in this sign.  If you’re a foodie, this is the domain that will explain your love for the art and experience of food.  If you just don’t have any interest in food and only eat for survival, that tendency can also be seen from this sign (depending on what planets are inside and/or aspect Taurus).  The process of eating is most definitely traced back to the Taurus zodiac sign.

What does Taurus represent?

  • WORLDLY ACHIEVEMENTS. College degrees and all those letters behind a professional’s name are assigned to the star sign Taurus.  Titles of accomplishment:  like chef, lawyer, policeman, architect, nurse, plumber, etc., are all examples of these earned achievements.
  • FASHION.  CLOTHING.  JEWELRY.  Sparkling things and gems are ruled by the Taurus sign.  The sign particularly emphasizes beauty, design, and the artistic approach to one’s wardrobe.
  • RESOURCES AND POWER.  For example, if a person owns many properties, they hold more financial power as compared to the person who owns fewer properties.  Or, if a person has a lot of money in their checking account (a resource), they have the power to purchase better medical care as compared to the person with fewer financial resources.  We have all heard the saying that money equals power.  The energy of Taurus supports that statement.
  • SPEECH.  Because Taurus rules over the face, and the mouth is a part of the face, we see that it rules over speech.  The zodiac sign Taurus is in charge of the way a person talks (the sound and style).  For example, Taurus will show you if someone has a natural gift for speech, if the person speaks too fast, if the person stutters, or if the person is shy when they talk (depending on which planet sits in or aspects Taurus).
  • YOUR FAMILY.  The relationship with your family can be determined from the Taurus sign.
  • MATERIALISM.  The material world and a person’s possessions are viewed from the Taurus zodiac sign.  This basically includes everything that you own.  Your smart phone, TV, car, shampoo, shoes, computer, boat, jewelry, candles, oven, makeup, tools, and presents are all examples of general possessions that this sign rules.  From the outside, Taurus could appear very superficial and indulgent, depending on the intention behind the objects.  Taurus is all about STUFF.

The energy of Taurus is very grounded.  It is responsible for the materialization of energy.  In other words, Taurus is about objects in the physical world.  This stuff is actually light that has been sculpted into form.

It is extremely important to know and understand that you are not defined exclusively by your general zodiac sun sign.  If you define yourself as a Taurus, that means you are only putting your attention on a small part of your actual existence.  The human body is composed of all twelve zodiac signs.  If we limit the definition of our personality to only one of the 12 signs, we may be seriously shortchanging ourselves.  The point in astrology is to know how you relate to all 12 of the zodiac signs and how you are affected when the planets move in and out of each one of these signs.  Your body holds and understands all of the energetic and magnetic qualities of the 12 zodiac signs, not just the one you identify with in your horoscope.  Perhaps your sun was in Taurus when you were born (note:  we use the sidereal zodiac).  There, the sun will shine a strong soulful light into the sign of Taurus, thus showing those qualities in your behavior, feelings, and relationship with yourself.  But what happens when Jupiter moves into the sign of Taurus, will that change how you relate to your own sign?  Yes!!!  The sign of Taurus will show up in different ways depending on which planets are sitting in it and moving through it.

With that in mind, the above descriptions are not intended to identify and limit you to one sign only.  Yes, if your sun is in Taurus, you will most definitely exhibit many strong and beautiful qualities of that sign in your life, probably stronger than those who do not have their sun there.  However, it is good to be aware of where your other planets are sitting and in what signs.  This can help you understand the way you feel about and function in the world.

The sign of Taurus is like a magnet.  It attracts very specific qualities, objects, and events into your life.  Think of Taurus as a segment of energy that the planets travel through.  When a planet enters the segment of Taurus, the energy will “spray out” from that sign into the world as we see it, causing us to experience the energy in super obvious ways.  These “ways” are described above.

Astrology by 33 supports the view that astrology should be used only as a guideline, not as something that rules your life.  All people have free will and hold the power to overcome the magnetism of the planets and zodiac signs.  If we know what the planets and signs are doing, we can navigate our path with greater ease and awareness. We have the strength and ability to rule over our own actions instead of giving that power to the cosmos.  The daily practice of kriya yoga is strongly recommended to reduce the negative influence of the planets in a person’s life.  The kingdom is within You.  With God, all things are possible.


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