PISCES ZODIAC SIGN: What Does Pisces Mean?

What does Pisces mean?  The true definition of Pisces might be deeper and more surprising than many are aware of.  Here’s a detailed Pisces overview that helps define the sign’s energy:


What does Pisces rule? The sign of Pisces rules over the following things:

  • Fish, all kinds:  fresh and salt water.
  • Flowers and all things that grow in and come from water (like a lotus).  [reference:  Jataka Parijata]
  • Spending and Expenses: Living beyond one’s means. Making financial sacrifices. Can be good and worthy expenses if a benefic planet is involved. Can be bad if malefic involved.  Reckless spending. Issues with debt.
  • Time of Day:  The dark period before the Sun rises (quiet stillness).
  • Foreign countries (places far away from home):  being separated from where you grew up.  Living in foreign lands or travel there.
  • Moving:  either from country-to-country or within your own land, depending on the planets.
  • Where you sleep:  how comfortable and elaborate your bedding is (cuddle station).
  • Your quality of sleep.  Rest in general.
  • Detachment:  Having few desires.  Not obsessed with pleasure of the senses.
  • Bedroom pleasures:  can be good or bad, depending on the planets.  Can show promiscuity.
  • Wastefulness:  excessive spending.
  • Going away from religion:  level of affinity towards it (depends on planets).
  • Spiritual Awakening:  Self-realization & God-realization happens here.  Being “born again” [John 3:3].
  • Salvation (Moksha):  spiritual liberation, departure from the matrix/world as we know it.  Waking up.
  • Asceticism:  Going away from the world.  Renouncing everything for the sake of divinity and God-seeking.  Self-control.  Discipline.  Restraint.  Being alone/in solitude.  To go into exile or hiding.  [John 12:25]
  • Weather:  rain, thunder, lightning.
  • Angry Criticism:  in a cruel, abusive, and offensive way.  Being insulted.  Blaming.  Rude.  Making sounds of disappointment and disapproval.  Vulgar speech.  Harsh words.  Direct and blunt.  Not nice.  Hot temper. Full of hate.  Stubborn.  Bragging.  Tendency towards all these things.  Argue, discuss, disagree.
  • Being shamed, humiliated, others against you.
  • Work that you don’t like/service position, wanderer: not committing to any one place or job. Free spirit. Without attachments.
  • Secret enemies and their history: difficulty caused by them, spying.
  • Disability:  problem with arms or legs.  Deformed.
  • Loss, Disappearance, Reduction Energy:  Can be loss of money, job, people, or position in life [Matthew 10:39, dual sign energy].  Aquarius is about gaining everything in the world, Pisces is about losing it [John 12:25].
  • Poverty
  • Being in prison
  • Evil actions, sin, scandals, criminal, fraud, telling lies, cheating, earning money in a dishonest way, one’s morals compromised, bad associations, being deceived.
  • To fight, hurt, harm, punish, and kill.
  • Instability:  Subject to change. Fluctuating. Temporary. Perishable
  • Lazy
  • Sorrow, misery, suffering, unhappy, unpleasant, hidden struggles.
  • Being limited. Boundaries.
  • Lowest in rank: the least, inferior, lowest class.
  • Last/final: last place, the end. [Matthew 20:16]
  • Decay: The decline of something.
  • Thoughts: Pisces moves more towards mind (vs. form/body). Holds layers of Consciousness that are more subtle. The energy rests beyond the physical rings of Saturn in the realm of mind.
  • Obstacles/restrictions, not having good luck, misfortune.
  • Emptying energy (brightest star in Pisces). Letting go. Less is more.
  • Quiet, stillness, darkness/peace.
The quiet stillness of oceanic Pisces.


What planet rules Pisces?Jupiter. The magnetic field of Jupiter electromagnetically extends beyond Saturn’s physical ring of form.
Which house does Pisces rule?12th House
What body part does Pisces rule?Both feet (10 toes giving clue to salvation: 10 Commandments). Left eye. Your vision (eyesight): could have problems with eyes or problem with 1 eye. Eye diseases. Can have good vision if there are good planets here. [Matthew 6:33 – kingdom is in feet, ALL these things will be added unto you].
Is Pisces a water sign?Class: watery. [reference: Jataka Parijata and Parashara]
What planet is debilitated in Pisces?Mercury, at 15 degrees Pisces. Mercury struggles here because it can’t use intellect or words for spiritual liberation/Moksha.
What planet is exalted in Pisces?Venus, at 27 degrees Pisces.
Physical Science (measurable):Potential energy (Consciousness)
Gender:Feminine – gentle
Type:Dual sign (both movable and fixed)
Position: Inside (not entrance/gate or outside)
Caste:Brahmin [reference: Jataka Parijata and Prasna Marga]
Class:Animal, which includes all living creatures and humans. It’s a sign of higher consciousness (as compared to mineral or plant signs). [reference: Jataka Parijata and Phaladeepika]
Fish in the deep ocean of Pisces.


  • Watery places (where there’s a lot of water)
  • Places where fish live 
  • The ocean (ocean is more Pisces, a river is more Cancer). Things in the ocean or sea.
  • Ashrams 
  • Isolated caves where people meditate
  • An eerie dark forest far away from civilization, untouched by man
  • Wasteland
  • The void (eg: space, nothingness, nowhereness)
  • A Sacred Place: The Secret Place of the Most High (Psalm 91).  HOLY.  Above and beyond religion.  True spirituality and divinity.  Sacredness in purity and Truth.

Pisces symbol of 2 fish with heads and tails interchanged in position deep in the water.
PISCES SYMBOL: The unified circle of completion and oneness. No beginning and no end.

What’s the symbol for Pisces?

  • 2 fish with heads and tails interchanged in position [reference: Jataka Parijata, Parashara, Sarvartha Chintamani]
  • A pair of fish in the water [majority of text state this]

What is the meaning of the Pisces Symbol?

Fish represent the 1st incarnation of Vishnu, Matsya. This avatar is of high consciousness with power in the formless state of creation. The great waters are the substance from which all creation manifests and contain pure programmable Consciousness. The pair of fish show the split in duality. It’s where the possibility for relativity exists. Without this realm, there would be no supporting foundation for opposites in this world, such as hot and cold, or up and down.

It’s within the living force (the fish) in the deep water (formless creative substance of possibility) that all things become possible within the physical dimension. It’s also the realm that’s just one step away from exiting the physical dimension altogether. The 2 fish are swimming in a circle towards spiritual liberation, or moksha. A circle represents unity. When they unite their heads and tails in opposite positions, they heal the split in duality and unite into ONE, where self-realization and liberation occurs. Liberation can’t happen until the fish UNITE (see picture above).

The symbol for Pisces also holds the energy of evolving out of form. It moves away from structure and limitation. Pisces sits at the highest point in the zodiac before the Great Exit.  There are no words, labels, definitions, thoughts, debates, colors, or emotions here.  It’s just pure rest, peace, bliss, quiet, and contentment. The mind is still and there’s no agenda. Less is more.

Secret Tip: It’s better to see through one eye instead of two. – [Matthew 6:22]

Ajna chakra.

What Element is Pisces Associated With?

Pisces corresponds with the element of water.

Genesis chapter 1 says that water existed before creation started.  Water is the substance from which life and form emerge.  It’s a passive, programmable substance.  The zodiac sign of Aries manifests from this purified element as the cycle of life starts over again. The end starts the beginning.  The great ocean represents unadulterated Consciousness.

Drop of water

Is Pisces Weak or Strong?

Pisces is considered strong in the following conditions:

  • Twilight [reference: Hora Sara]
  • The last part of Pisces is strong in the 4th house [reference: Jataka Parijata]
  • In the 4th house [reference: Sarvartha Chintamani]


The ending portion of Pisces is vulnerable, or gandanta (a critical point in the zodiac). It’s important to realize that vulnerable doesn’t always mean bad, weak, or unstable. It can be a point of POWER and one of the most beautiful, blissful, deep, and loving experiences, considering that Venus is exalted at 27 degrees of Pisces. Venus is strong and at her best here. She embodies the energy of LOVE better than any other planet.

Venus rules over the magnetic properties of cohesion and attraction. These qualities allow her to get sucked up by God’s magnetism as she gets to the top of the zodiac in Pisces. This allows for spiritual liberation by magnetism through her inner nature of Love and devotion alone. She has no-thing to be attracted to in Pisces, so her natural flow is towards the obvious: God.


Love the Lord your God with all your HEART, with all your SOUL, and with all your STRENGTH.


The GREATEST COMMANDMENT is found in Deuteronomy 6:5 (see above quote). It outlines the highest form of Love from a human perspective in Pisces. This Great Commandment sums up the commandments in Higher Reality that make us accountable to God. Aquarius sums up the commandments that make us accountable to one another in the physical dimension (lower reality).

Pisces rests in the commandment of the spiritual dimension, from which everything in the material world manifests.

It corresponds to the lunar half of the zodiac, the side we perceive to be darkness in the physical dimension. But in the spiritual dimension, it leads to the Greatest Light of All.

Look at Your House Placement

If you want to look deeper into the sign of Pisces, determine which house it’s in.  Your house placement makes your reading much more precise, specific, and individualized to you.  It gives many more details compared to understanding the sign of Pisces by itself.

It also helps to look at where your Moon is in your chart, since it rules over your emotions and how you feel about everything.

Final Note

Please remember to only use astrology as a guideline, not as something written in stone.  A good or bad transit or placement doesn’t mean anything will happen for certain, it’s different for each person.  God is above all the planets and can cancel any bad karma through the power of grace and prayer for sincere seekers. 

Man in prayer and humility kneeling at sunset.
Power of Prayer and Humility

If we turn to God, He will turn to us.  He directs the planets.  If we fear anything, it should be God, not the evil planets.  If we love Him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, He will take care of the planets and transits for us.  So please don’t give your power away to the planets!

It helps to be generally aware of what’s going on in the sky.  This can be done through an app on your phone that shows planets moving through the constellations, which is real sidereal astrology.  It gives a good idea of what’s happening up there and down here. As above, so below.

To reduce negative karma and bad planetary effects in life, strict observance to a moral code such as the 10 commandments and the teachings of Jesus can help.  After thoroughly cleansing the body and mind with proper diet, pranayama, purification techniques, right exercise guided by a qualified professional, a complete study of scriptures, and right action, daily practice of kriya yoga can deepen one’s relationship with God, activate the light body, awaken the subtle body, and enhance one’s entire life. 

DON’T GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY OR BOW DOWN TO ANYONE BUT GOD. That includes gurus.  God is One and isn’t dependent on form or image. He’s exalted above all other gods, planets, and humans. If a teaching isn’t based on Love, it’s probably not in one’s best interest.

You rule your own life and are given the gift of free will. Create your own reality.  


Real astrology isn’t just about personality types.  It’s one of the keys to decoding the matrix.  For self-mastery, it helps to understand ALL the signs and not just the one we associate with our personality.  Astrology helps us understand our past, so we can design our own future.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you identify as a Pisces only, know there are 11 other constellations in you. It’s good to study all 12 signs to understand yourself better and the energy within you.

In western astrology (which uses the tropical zodiac), the Sun was in a seasonal window of Pisces upon birth.  In vedic astrology (which uses the sidereal zodiac), Pisces is different because it means your Sun was literally in the constellation of stars in the sky called Pisces upon birth.

It’s important to understand the energy of Pisces because all the planets express themselves differently in each zodiac sign.  The video below explains pure and raw Pisces energy:


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