LEO SIGN: 28 Top Leo Zodiac Facts that Might SURPRISE You!

What does Leo represent? What does Leo sign mean? You may find the following Leo zodiac facts intriguing:

What body part is Leo ruled by?Your belly (below chest, above navel)
What symbol is Leo?A Lion
What planet rules Leo?The Sun
What element is Leo sign?Fire
What color represents Leo?Pale white (like blazing Sun)
What location does Leo rule?Mountain caves and thick forests
What direction does Leo rule?East
When is Leo stronger?Daytime (it’s blind at night)
What class does Leo represent?The ruling and military class
What guna is Leo?Sattva

Is Leo a spiritual zodiac sign?

The Leo zodiac sign expresses the nature of God in the physical dimension.  It is often referred to as the most spiritual sign.  Ancient astrological texts contain words that describe Leo as the “shining one,” or “godlike”.  In astrology, the Sun represents God and the Moon represents the human.  The Sun rules Leo, making it heavily spiritual.  Leo is the highest sign to which a person can ascend in the physical dimension.  It rules the consciousness of your Higher Self.  It holds the potential to make you a god in human form.  Jesus was able to become divine because of the energy of Leo.  This energy allows a person to rise to the highest level of consciousness possible while maintaining human form.  There are zodiac signs that hold higher levels of consciousness, yet they surpass the physical dimension and cannot hold form in the material realm directly (they must go through Leo to manifest).  Leo is the highest zodiac sign that can maintain both form in the physical dimension while tapping into the pure consciousness of the Higher Self, or true soul essence.  This is where the Son of God is born and manifested. 

Here are some quick Leo facts that may help you understand what Leo means (Leo qualities):

  • The nature of the Leo sign is dry and waterless. The heat of the ruling Sun contributes to this aspect of the Leo fire sign, which evaporates water.  
  • Materials supported by the sign of Leo include superior quality grains (not the cheap and tacky cereals in the grocery aisle).
  • A king is a widely known Leo zodiac symbol. The Leo sign represents authority or anyone with ruling power. It can also include the head of a government, such as a president.  In the physical dimension, it can represent the king of a country.  In the spiritual dimension, it can represent the King that rules over the entire zodiac.  In the Christian religion, this King is named Christ, or the Son of God.
  • Leo is one of the main royal zodiac signs.  It rules over royalty.  Palaces, the royal family, ballrooms, exquisite banquets, and the crown jewels are all found in this sign.  Prestige, power, and extravagant riches align perfectly with the energy of Leo.

What Does Leo Represent?

CRUEL, FIERCE, and MALEFIC ENERGY.  However, if we can align ourselves with the high vibrational frequency of the sign, it will not appear to be as cruel.  It will only burn away and dissolve that which is not helpful for the evolution of the soul and consciousness.  Sometimes it appears to be brutal.  But we must keep in mind that children often think their parents are cruel when a dangerous toy is taken away.  Leo is a masculine power.  It acts like the parent that sets down the rules, not the parent that cuddles and nurtures you.  The sign of Leo is sattvic, revealing a core truth of high vibrational divinity, purity, spirituality, and balance.
INTELLIGENCE.  This isn’t the kind of intelligence you would attribute to Mercury.  It’s the kind of intelligence that a king would possess (not a teacher).  Deep knowledge and insight are attributed to the Leo zodiac sign.  You’ll find this kind of intelligence is supported by elite education and wisdom.  The kind of knowledge found in Leo is more profound than what a computer processor spits out.  It’s the kind of thinking that surpasses artificial intelligence.  It is fueled by the divine spark housed at the core of every human being.  Knowledge of the future, intuition, and access to the Akashic records can all be found in Leo.  The kind of intelligence supported by this sign includes discernment, profound reasoning, and the ability to objectively understand a situation.  It includes enlightened discrimination and discretion.  A perfect example of Leo’s type of intelligence was manifested in King Solomon.  He was born with his Sun in Leo.
LIFE and CHILDREN.  Leo rules over your life force because the Sun controls the sign.  We know that the Sun is responsible for the development of all life on Earth.  Without it, everything would be cold and dead.  The Sun sustains vitality.  Because of this intimate control of the life force, you will find that all children are assigned to the Leo zodiac sign.  This includes pregnancy and conception.  If Jupiter is positively connected to Leo or the 5th house, a favorable result regarding children is likely to occur.  The Leo sign is an evolutionary force that facilitates growth, maturation, and change.  The power of the sign can also be destructive.  A person will be pushed forward by its energy whether they’re aware of it or not.  It is the quiet push that forces your body to grow from a baby into an adult.  It also drives you into the future and assists with progress and moving forward as part of the natural developmental process.
STUDENTS.  In a way, the student is like a child to the teacher (Leo rules children).  You will also find the disciples of a guru in the Leo sign for the same reason.  Disciples are like spiritual children to the guru.  Leo will show you the people who are under your authority to some degree, which is usually children for a great majority of people.  However, it can be anyone you are teaching or have authority over in general.  Parents also serve as teachers to their children, further confirming this concept.
SPIRITUALITY.  A person’s spiritual aptitude or predisposition is viewed from the sign of Leo.  An easier way of viewing this energy would be to call it one’s level of spiritual fitness.  You will find a person’s moral tendencies, religious practice, spiritual-mindedness, and spiritual routine here.  For example, you could see if a person is likely to give to charity or not from this sign.  Mantras are assigned to Leo.  You will also find amulets, spells, and magical arts here, as related to one’s spiritual path.
YOUR SOUL.  The soul is much different than the ego and outside packaging of a human being.  It is the highest operating system that runs behind the human vehicle.  The soul is the purest and best version of ourselves.  Leo helps the person align more with their soul’s calling and to fulfill its purpose.  All things in this sign originate directly from the Sun, which embodies our soul.
PAST KARMA.  If you want to discover the way that you were in your past lives, look to the Leo zodiac sign.  It will give you a good idea of your past actions and incarnations.  The people who are spiritually awakening today often have this question in mind.  Your past karma energy is ruled by Leo (look at your 5th house).
JOY.  If Leo is in perfect condition and shining in its untarnished state, it naturally radiates joy.  At the core of every human being is a perfect soul that is full of joy and organic bliss.  This state is not dependent on external circumstance, but is emitted due to its inherent nature.  All things, people, and events that bring out this natural state of joy in one’s life is a result of the Sun’s ruling power in Leo.  The Sun is happiness in its raw form.
HOT TEMPER vs. PEACE OF MIND.  A person’s level of tranquility or hot temper is seen from the sign of Leo.  It all depends on what planets are inside, aspecting, or ruling the sign.  You will also discover whether the person is warm-hearted or cold-hearted here.
THE FATHER.  The sign of Leo holds strong paternal energy.  There is much debate in astrology that the father is located here.  Leo can represent your biological father or the spiritual Father.  Your father’s honorable actions are also determined from this sign.
GOVERNMENT TIES.  A person’s association with the government is found in Leo.  You will find ambassadors, judges, military personnel, and any representative of the government in this sign.  Taxes are assigned to the Leo zodiac sign for the reason that they are associated with the government.  If a person has a fall in position of authority, this also can be seen from Leo.
LEARNING.  The process of learning is assigned to Leo.  This is the kind of learning that is received from an authoritative figure.  For example, a child learns from a teacher; a disciple learns from a guru.  It’s all about the process of digesting and taking in information from a more informed source.  You will also find instructive stories in this sign.  Jesus used parables to teach his disciples.  This style of teaching is designated to the Leo sign.
NUMBER 5.  Many patterns, objects, and events that you see existing in numbers of 5 are often due to the magnetic energy of Leo.  For example, the 5-pointed star that appears within the 3rd eye during meditation is an energetic aspect of Leo.  Flowers with 5 petals and starfish with 5 arms resonate with the same energy.  Starfish have an amazing power for regeneration, which is a corresponding Leo trait (they can regrow missing arms).

It’s extremely important to realize that you are not defined exclusively by your general zodiac sun sign.  If you define yourself as a Leo, that means you are only putting your attention on a small part of your actual existence.  The human body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs.  If we limit the definition of our personality to only one of these 12 signs, we may be seriously shortchanging ourselves.  The point in astrology is to know how you relate to all 12 of the zodiac signs and how you are affected when the planets move in and out of each one of the signs.  Your body holds and understands all of the energetic and magnetic qualities of the 12 zodiac signs, not just the one you identify with in your horoscope.  But what happens when Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo?  Will that change how you relate to your own sign?  Yes!!!  The sign of Leo will express itself in different ways, depending on which planets are sitting in it and moving through it.

The above description is not intended to identify and limit you to one sign only.  If your Sun is in Leo, you will most definitely exhibit many strong and beautiful qualities of that sign in your life (stronger than others).  However, it’s good to be aware of what signs your other planets are sitting in.  This can help you understand the way you feel about and function in the world.  What you read above does not mean that your entire existence is only limited to what is stated.  You will also relate to the descriptions of the 11 other zodiac signs; they are inside of you as well (see other posts on this website for details).

The sign of Leo is like a magnet.  It attracts very specific qualities, objects, and events into your life.  Think of the Leo sign as a segment of energy that the planets travel through in the sky. When a planet enters the segment of Leo, the energy will “spray out” from the sign into the world as we see it, causing us to experience the energy in super obvious ways.  These “ways” are described above.

Astrology should be used only as a guideline, not as something set in stone.  You are given free will and possess the power to overcome the negative magnetism of the planets and signs.  The daily practice of Kriya Yoga is recommended in order to dissolve your past evil negative karma that is inevitably dispensed to us through the planets.  If we know what the planets and signs are doing, we can navigate our path with greater ease and awareness.  With God, all things are possible.  We have the strength and ability to rule over our own actions instead of giving that power to the cosmos.  The kingdom is within You.


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