GEMINI SIGN MEANING: What Does Gemini Represent?

If you want to know what Gemini means, keep reading. Here are some Gemini facts:

What planet rules Gemini?Mercury
What element is Gemini?Air
What color is Gemini?Lime Green
What direction does Gemini rule?West
When is Gemini strong?At Night
What symbol represents Gemini?A man and a woman (dual opposites: read more below)

What does Gemini symbol mean?

The symbol that represents Gemini is that of a man and a woman.  The man is holding a weapon and the woman is holding a musical instrument.  This is a perfect symbolic representation of the world of duality.  Everything we see in this world is relative and paired into opposites.  For example:  hot and cold, up and down, in and out, good and evil, slow and fast, big and small (you get the idea).  Gemini is telling us that we live in a world of opposites.  The key is to be able to establish a balance between the extreme of these opposites.  We are less likely to experience the highs and lows in life if we learn how to live in that middle centered point. 

Communication and constant adjustments in our movement (behavior) can help us adapt to the ever-fluctuating world of circumstance around us.  Gemini teaches us to keep moving.  Don’t stay still because we must adjust to new situations all the time.  If we don’t take charge of our actions, we will likely fall under the charge of someone else, thus pulling ourselves away from the centered point.  If you want to stay balanced in the Gemini sign, you need to keep moving (and thinking)!

What body part does Gemini rule?

Your chest, arms, hands, throat, and neck. 

The 12 zodiac signs each represent a very specific part of your body.  We often use our hands and arms when we speak.  They serve as excellent communication tools.  In the same way, sign language is also used as an excellent tool for social interaction.  The left hand/arm holds the ability to receive energy, the right holds the ability to send out signals and energy.  On an energetic level, the arms can literally be used as conductive communication devices if we get really good at tapping the inner chakra system, by building the body of light within (do kriya yoga).  Remember, you are composed of all 12 zodiac signs, yet, they will be expressed differently in each person depending on which signs the planets were in when you were born as compared to where they are in the sky at this moment.

What zodiac sign is intelligence?

The Gemini sign rules over mental powers.  Your ability to objectively reason and understand things is expressed here.  For example, the following things are found in Gemini:  doing mental math, solving a problem by thinking about it, and your ability to remember what you read in order to answer a test question correctly. 

Think of the Gemini zodiac sign as a human computer processor of data with the ability to make sense of that information.  Gemini sign spits out the answer.  This is a very logical zodiac sign.  Gemini is not emotional.  It’s like a robot.

If you think a person is smart, it’s because they are fully engaged with their Gemini energy.  Gemini  rules over being intellectual.  Smart people don’t appear emotional.  They appear analytical.  That’s because they are working with Mercury’s computer-like data processor.  Gemini rules over intelligence in this way.  For the same reason, your memory is ruled by this sign.  It stores data.

What zodiac sign is mental problems?

The level of a person’s mental stability can be seen from the Gemini sign.  That’s because Mercury is always moving.  It can make you up one moment and down the next.  If evil planets are inside or aspecting the sign, it can give a person social anxiety.  If good planets are there, it can make a person bold, courageous, and with excellent mental health. 

The Moon and the sign of Cancer can give people trouble with the EMOTIONAL aspects of mental health.  Gemini can give trouble with the STABILITY of the mind.  These are 2 very different aspects of mental health energy that need to be understood.  Always see a mental health specialist for appropriate treatment.

What’s the sign for brother?

Your younger brothers and sisters are ruled by the Gemini zodiac sign.  Their welfare is also determined here (e.g., if good or bad things happen to them).  You will be able to locate them in the 3rd house of your birth chart (the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini).

What zodiac sign likes to travel?

Short-distance travel is viewed from the Gemini sign.  This includes making a roadside stop for gas, food, and restroom use.  Roads, railways, and transportation processes are assigned to the Gemini zodiac sign.  It’s all about getting from point A to point B (Remember:  Mercury is always moving).

It’s important to note that Gemini rules only short-distance travel.  Other signs rule different aspects of travel such as vacations, pilgrimages, foreign travel, and long-distance travel.  See other posts on this website for details.

What sign supports an IT career in astrology?

Technical fields such as IT, grammar, software, spelling, math, computer-programming, and your ability to operate a smartphone are all ruled by the Gemini sign.  Mastery of these skills can be determined here.  Look at your 3rd house to see how this energy is working your life.

What planet rules astrology?

Mercury.  Because astrology is a very logical and data-processing oriented activity, it can be viewed from the Gemini sign.  It takes a great deal of technical understanding and integration of the planets, signs, and energy to make sense of it all.  Astrology is based on precise mathematics.  The divisional aspect of astrology is assigned to Virgo (also ruled by Mercury).

What zodiac sign rules over reading and writing?

The Gemini zodiac sign rules over reading and writing skills.  If you’re able to read an entire book in a flash, you probably have something very good going on in this sign!

What Gemini Represents

COMMUNICATION SKILLS. The Gemini sign is famous for ruling over communication in general.  This includes communication by speaking, through wireless means, telepathically, via satellites, and even the communication line between the ego (lower) and the higher self.  The ability to “hear” and realize messages from God or the higher self is found in this sign.
MUSIC, ARTS, and POETRY. The intellectual processing and understanding of the arts, music, and poetry are all determined from the Gemini sign.  A person’s ability to perform these skills live is especially seen from here (it’s a moving energy).
MOVING HOMES. When you change your residence and move to another location, this process is ruled by the Gemini sign.  It’s about going from point A to point B, which is the same energy that rules short-distance travel.
SIGNING CONTRACTS. The Gemini sign deals with communication between people and the signing of documents.  It also rules over reading and writing.
GOSSIP and RUMORS. Gossiping and rumors are located in this sign because they are a form of communication.  People cannot gossip unless they are talking.
YOUR VOICE. We use the voice as a primary instrument of communication.  The actual sound and timbre coming from the vocal cords is a prominent aspect of the Gemini zodiac sign.  Tones and sound in general are located here because sound travels in the air and is a wave moving from point A to point B.  Sound can be an effective means of communication.
SOCIAL ANXIETY. This is because Gemini rules over communication as well as courage.  What is social anxiety?  It is fear of communication with a lack of courage.  If Mars or Saturn are sitting inside or adversely aspecting Gemini (or the 3rd house), then the person may suffer from social anxiety.  If Jupiter or Venus are there instead, the person may be extremely outgoing and not suffer from social anxiety at all.
ABILITY TO STUDY. Depending on what planets are in and aspecting the Gemini sign, you may be able to read and digest information easily or with great difficulty.
ASSERTIVENESS and WILLPOWER. The Gemini zodiac sign can make a person either extremely brave or extremely timid.  A person’s courage in the face of opposition is determined from this sign (look what planets are in the sign–each one gives a different result).  This is the area that could also make a person remarkably wealthy as a result of their courageous efforts.  Daring behavior and heroes are established in Gemini.
MESSAGES. The relaying of messages is viewed from the Gemini sign.  This includes the postal service, email, texting, phone calls, voicemail, internet connections, and pretty much getting any message from point A to point B (even telepathic).  All correspondence is seen from this sign.

What element rules Gemini?

The Gemini sign element is air.  We all believe that air is “something” even though we can’t see it with our eyes.  We know that this invisible force carries sound, radio, and wifi signals. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Air is the medium that supports communication with ease.  It creates open space through which sound, signals, and objects can travel in order to get from point A to point B.  Air is also a very abundant and appropriate medium to accommodate Mercury’s ever-moving energy (Mercury can’t sit still).

It is extremely important to know and understand that you are not defined exclusively by your general zodiac sun sign.  If you define yourself as a Gemini, that means you are only putting your attention on a small part of your actual existence.  The human body is composed of all 12 zodiac signs.  If we limit the definition of our personality to only 1 of the 12 signs, we may be seriously shortchanging ourselves.  The point in astrology is to know how you relate to all 12 of the zodiac signs and how you are affected when the planets move in and out of each one of these signs.  Your body holds and understands all of the energetic and magnetic qualities of the 12 zodiac signs, not just the one people identify with in their horoscope.  Perhaps your sun was in Gemini when you were born (we use the sidereal zodiac).  There, the sun will shine a strong soulful light into the sign of Gemini, thus showing those qualities in your behavior, feelings, and relationship with yourself.  But what happens when Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini, will that change how you relate to your own sign?  Yes!!!  The sign of Gemini will show up in different ways depending on which planets are sitting in it and moving through it.

With that in mind, the above description is not intended to identify and limit you to one sign only.  If your sun is in Gemini, you will most definitely exhibit many strong and beautiful qualities of that sign in your life, probably stronger than those who do not have their sun there.  However, it is good to be aware of where your other planets are sitting and in what signs.  This can help you understand the way you feel about and function in the world.

The sign of Gemini is like a magnet.  It attracts very specific qualities, objects, and events into your life.  Think of Gemini as a segment of energy that the planets travel through in the sky. When a planet enters the segment of Gemini, the energy will “spray out” from that sign into the world as we see it, causing us to experience the energy in super obvious ways.  These “ways” are described above.

Astrology by 33 supports the view that astrology should be used only as a guideline, not as something set in stone.  All people have free will and hold the power to overcome the magnetism of the planets and signs.  If we know what the planets and signs are doing, we can navigate our path with greater ease and awareness.  With God, all things are possible.  We have the strength and ability to rule over our own actions instead of giving that power to the cosmos.  The kingdom is within You.


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