AQUARIUS SIGN: What Does Aquarius Rule in Astrology?

Aquarius Secrets

If you want to know what Aquarius stands for and the common things it rules over, you’ll find some helpful guidance below. This article shows you exactly what Aquarius energy is and how it can affect the world.

Aquarius rules over:

  • Unity Consciousness
  • Gains and Profit
  • Third Eye
  • Element: Air
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • 11th House
  • Calves and Ankles
  • Friends
  • Obsessions and Addictions
  • Groups and Organizations
  • Older Siblings
  • Withdrawal of Senses
  • Accumulation of Wealth
  • And More

This compilation of Aquarius facts reveals the TRUTH in astrology through intense research of ancient astrological scriptures.


Aquarius isn’t just about a personality type. It holds one of the keys that will help you decode the matrix.


It’s worth understanding all 12 zodiac signs and not limit ourselves to the one we think is our personality type.

Astrology helps you understand your past, so you can design your own future. If you study all the signs, you have more keys to self-mastery.

If you’re an Aquarius, you don’t want to think that you’re only a certain way. According to western astrology, being an Aquarius means that your Sun is in the sign of Aquarius using the tropical zodiac. In Vedic astrology, Aquarius takes on a completely different meaning when the Moon enters Aquarius within the sidereal zodiac.

It’s very important to understand that when different planets enter Aquarius, you’ll get different results.

  • Remember: ALL the planets are inside of you, not just the Sun or the Moon. We shouldn’t put all of our attention on the Sun, or any one planet, even though they’re good indications as to how we’ll experience the world and how others see us from the outside.

This article talks about the energetic nature and magnetism of Aquarius. It’s really important to understand the energy of a sign before you know how the planets will express themselves in that sign.

AQUARIUS VIDEO: What Does Aquarius Rule? (click to play on YouTube)

So, let’s talk about Aquarius. What does Aquarius rule in astrology? What does it represent? What is the meaning of Aquarius?

It’s easy to think of each sign as a magnet. The magnetic quality of each sign only attracts very specific things. As an example, a regular magnet won’t attract a tennis ball. So, the sign of Aquarius only attracts and manifests certain things in life that correspond with this particular energy. This shows up as different qualities, objects, personalities, or events.


MATERIALS:Gold and Expensive Items 3
ELEMENT:Air 1, 4
SYMBOL:Man Holding a Pot 1,3
CATEGORY:Human Bipedal
QUALITY:Fierce, Malefic
STATE:Fixed Sign
RISES:With Head
REGION:Water Resorter (resorts to deep water 1)
GUNA:Tamasic 1
BODY PART:2 Calves and Ankles
MOOLATRIKONA OF SATURN: 0 – 20 degrees Aquarius (sidereal)
SWAKSHETRA OF SATURN: 21-30 degrees Aquarius (sidereal)
1. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra
2. Saravali by Kalya Varma
3. Jataka Parijata
4. Liber Astronomiae, by Guido Bonatti


A Foundation

Solid Castle Foundation

Aquarius rules over the concept of a foundation in general.  It’s the energy from which everything before it is built upon.  If you have a weak foundation, the structure will crumble.  If you build on rock instead of sand, you’ll be the one left standing when the storms of life blow.

Older Siblings

  • Aquarius rules over a person’s OLDER siblings.

Gains and Benefits

Money Growing

Aquarius rules over any kind of GAIN in your life.  This includes gains of wealth, money, benefits, and anything that gives you the upper hand.  This is one of the most celebrated things that Aquarius is known for.

It’s a BOOSTER sign: Aquarius energy takes what you already have and gives it a boost, or gain. It gives you more power as it takes you higher into Saturn’s realm where more force is unified and uncomplicated.

It’s basically a booster of force on form. Whatever lands in Aquarius will get a healthy boost of force and power if it’s unobstructed. Think of Aquarius like a super FERTILIZER.  It encourages growth – just like what happens when you water a plant (the Aquarius symbol is a water pot, remember).

Aquarius is the sign where it’s AS GOOD AS IT’S GONNA GET in terms of materialism. In the next sign of Pisces, the higher you go in consciousness, you’ll finally exit the ring of form where all material “stuff” dissolves.

Aquarius gives you your grandest wishes in the world of form. This is the realm the average person’s highest goals and ambitions are in.  Most people want things with a label or a title.  Aquarius will give you the very best of that in the physical dimension.  Extravagantly rich people are a perfect example of Aquarius energy.

Profit, Income, and Revenue


Aquarius rules over PROFIT, your INCOME, and REVENUE.  These are the big checks that keep coming in.

Royalties are a great example of Aquarius energy.  This is a huge aspect of the sign that many people miss.  Most people think that money is only assigned to Taurus.  But your incoming wealth, all the extra money you make, and extravagant riches are actually assigned to Aquarius.  It’s like Taurus to the extreme, in a sense. 

If your 2nd and 11th houses are favorable, strong, and unobstructed, it’s likely you’ll be extremely wealthy at some point in your life.

Accumulation of Wealth

money stored in a drawer

Aquarius also rules over the accumulation of WEALTH – it’s the stored money that comes in, the surplus.

Aquarius is the EXTRA money you have leftover. This sign can make a person extremely WEALTHY.

It rules over your savings account.

When a person has mastered the energy of wealth, they have a good understanding of Aquarius.

Aquarius sign is the point where your wealth starts after all your basic bills and needs are met.

Assets, Purchases, and Material Possessions

rich woman with lots of shopping bags

Aquarius rules over your assets, purchases, and all your MATERIAL POSSESSIONS such as:

  • luxury vehicles
  • living the grand life
  • extra property (owning multiple homes)
  • expensive jewelry
  • gold
  • high-fashion clothing
  • big parties
  • all the stuff that costs a lot of money
  • super-nice places like palaces, mansions, country clubs, and royal gardens
  • expensive art
  • casinos & gambling
  • bars and wineries (especially the nicest ones)

Aquarius is the BEST of the BEST when it comes to material abundance. Aquarius can make a person FILTHY RICH

It gives people high status in society.  If you’ve always wanted to know what kind of people can afford the penthouse suite, it’s the people with beneficial and strong Aquarius energy in their chart. 

If Aquarius is blocked, however, it can completely take a person’s wealth away.  It all depends on the placement of the planets in your chart and the actions you’ve done in your past.


stacks of gold bars

Aquarius rules over PROSPERITY.  It can give you success in what you set out to do.

But Aquarius is still subject to time and space. You can see this clearly because of the physical accumulation of “stuff”. How much stuff do we really need?

What’s the point of having extreme excess when 1 block away someone is cold, sick, and hungry?

It’s hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19

Remember, Aquarius is a FIXED sign, there’s a lot of inertia here. It’s the sign that holds extreme energy in the physical dimension.  If there’s a lack of service to others while an outrageous amount of money sits stored up in the bank, Aquarius gets blocked in our earthly perception, and we can’t see past our money, literally.

By serving others with your extra money, you’ll have less in the material realm, but more stored up in the spiritual realm.  Don’t think you lose power by giving up a few material things you can spare.  You’ll actually gain much more power overall.

  • 10% of your profit is a common guideline. 

Remember:  Energy can’t be created or destroyed.  It can only transform from one form to another.  What appears to be a loss, is actually a gain on a higher level.  Aquarius is all about gain.  Where do you store your wealth?

Physical possessions and money are just ENERGY. If they’re all stored up down below the veil, power is pulled away from the higher dimensions to manifest energy in the lower.  Sometimes people who are greedy and selfish with their money and assets lack a true understanding and direct experience of love.  This is no accident.

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.

Matthew 19:21

This verse talks about the meaning of Aquarius.  It’s all about making sure you have a flow of assets between the physical and spiritual dimensions.  It’s best not to get stuck in the inertia of this fixed sign in the physical dimension.  When we serve others, life feels so much lighter and happier. 

If you feel weighed down and you’re super-rich, serving others might be a tip to help you along the way. 

Does happiness come from extreme material wealth? 

Paying taxes that are fair and reasonable to the government is a perfect example of activating Aquarius energy.  When we give back, we gain. 

When we contribute to the bigger picture we’re a part of, everyone does better in the long run.  When we steal from the government and cheat on our taxes, we’re only hurting ourselves and everyone else around us, even though we may not immediately realize it.  Doing that obstructs the flow of Aquarius energy in our lives. 

Maybe we think we’re getting away with something smart, but Saturn takes record of everything.  Saturn isn’t the guy you want knocking on your door.  Government isn’t all about leaders.  True government is made up of the people, all of us together. 

We’re only stealing from ourselves, in the higher sense. 

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Mark 12:17

Favorites, Addictions, and Obsessions

Super decadent indulgent rich slice of chocolate cake on a plate with a fork.

Aquarius rules over your Favorite things, addictions, and obsessions.  Your deepest desires, wishes, and evil cravings are seen from this sign. This includes coveting and the love of luxury items.

Idol worship is also assigned to Aquarius. Idols can be material things or gods in form.

The sign reveals your ATTACHMENTS. Remember, Rahu is home here, he can never get enough!  Obsessions can be good and bad. The bad side is too much of a good thing: like when we stockpile stuff, hoard, and abuse drugs.

Rahu doesn’t know when to put the donut down. His pattern is to keep consuming and will never be satisfied.

Aquarius rules over your ambitions and the things that motivate you.  Obsessions can be good.  That’s how electricity was discovered.

Your Third Eye

Man meditating with his third eye open and glowing in a soft dark background.

Aquarius rules over your THIRD EYE. It represents a new birth. 

Ancient Judeo-Christian scriptures state that a person must be born again. This refers to being born into self-realization.  When you realize who you truly are, you perceive that you’re united with the world and the entire universe. The third eye is where the two points of duality merge and become ONE.

The book of Matthew talks about the third eye here:

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Matthew 6:22

In the third eye, siddhis can develop. Siddhis are superhuman powers.  Aquarius rules over the power of obtaining anything you want.


Best girlfriends standing together talking and laughing.

Your friends are ruled by the sign of Aquarius.  Who are your real friends?  The truth is that it’s probably not your social-media friend list. 

Aquarius represents your TRUE friends, the ones who notice when you stop using social media.  These are the people that send you private personal texts and even pick up the phone just to hear your voice.

Groups and Organizations

Group of people sitting at a table having a meeting and professional discussion.

Aquarius rules over groups and organizations.  This includes a community and society in general. 

Note: the word “community” is a sum of com + unity.  “Com” stands for communication.  It’s important to emphasize good communication if we want unity.  We lack unity today because of self-centered emotional communication.


4 hands grasping together, each hand from a different culture and color, all unified into a beautiful square and hand lock.

Aquarius rules over UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  It’s being united with others in the “I Am” presence.

It’s also responsible for unifying with Source consciousness in oneness.

Self-Realization is unity consciousness. This is where you realize you’re one with the entire planet and all its inhabitants. It’s unity of mind with everything around you, including people. 

Churches are based on this unity consciousness as an ideal, yet the direct experience of it is often missed. 

I pray that They all may be One, as YOU, Father, are in Me, and I am in YOU, so that They may also be One with Us...

John 17:21-23

These verses tell us that we too can be ONE with the Father. 

High states of samadhi bring us closer and closer to Him.

Unity consciousness is Truth in a higher Reality.  It’s the transcendence of duality. In the physical dimension, we can still be united in our diversity.  Maybe you’re an almond, he’s a walnut, and I’m a pistachio, but when you zoom out a little, you see that we’re all just nuts.

Fate and Destiny

Man in the shadows contemplating his life.

Your fate or destiny is ruled by Aquarius as part of your previous karma. This is your past karma that must take place in this life.  It can include good actions of your past as well as the bad. 

There’s no ducking or hiding from it.  Aquarius rules the effects of what you did in your past lives.  All your past actions will be returned to you in one form or another.  We get what we deserve. 

Remember, Saturn is the lord of karma.  Of course there’s always grace and practices like Kriya Yoga that can reduce the negative effects of our past, but we shouldn’t expect any favors.  Sometimes the only way to grow is through adversity. 

The more humble we remain, the better we do.

A Cunning and Calculating Person

A cunning and calculating professor looking at you in a skeptical way.  He's wearing glasses.

Aquarius rules over a person that’s cunning and calculating.  The energy can make a person extremely smart, a miser, or just stingy. 

Isn’t that interesting considering Aquarius rules over extravagant wealth?  It’s the penny-pinchers that often make bank.  There’s a lot to learn from this sign.

Force Density

Fist punching through glass with concentrated precision.

For those of you who want to talk science, Aquarius rules over force density. 

What does that mean? 

  • Force density is the amount of force in any given space.

The force we’re dealing with in Aquarius is CONSCIOUSNESS.  Remember, wherever your attention goes, energy flows.  So whatever you put your attention on, it absorbs your life force and you give it power. 

The more space you fill up with your attention and consciousness, the less force you retain within you. 

Consciousness gets amplified when space gets smaller.  This applies to the physical realm of matter and is a fundamental principle of many advanced meditation practices. 

When you pull in your consciousness from the outer world into the inner world, your power increases.  Literally.  

The constant force being measured is CONSCIOUSNESS.  The variable here is how much space is sucking up your attention and consciousness, such as:

  • your house
  • car
  • clothes
  • kids
  • money in the bank

You dilute the force as space increases. The more space and material stuff that absorbs your attention, the more you lose your power and force. 

When you lower the volume, the force increases. Less is more. 

When your thoughts wander in meditation, you lose power.

Formless in the higher realms of Aquarius, this energy can give you whatever you want whenever you want, depending on the amount of karma you have stored in your spine and your mastery of concentration.

Think of Aquarius as potential energy, like spiritual money in the bank.  If you waste it all in the physical dimension, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.  Physical stuff.  But then you’ll end up dying and have to play the game all over again in the next life. 

Eventually, this recycling gets tiresome and older souls just want to be done with it.  That’s when they’re ready to move on to the sign of Pisces and get on with the program. 

Young souls need to stay in Aquarius for as long as they desire.  But if you choose to stay there, at least remember that what you do gets returned to you, eventually. 

Do unto others.  Serve others as yourself.

Fulfillment and Completion

Girl relaxing and feeling accomplished.

Aquarius rules over the energy of fulfillment and completion.  Here, you’re satisfied and have gained everything material there is possibly to gain in this life. You have your gold medal and billions in the bank.  Now what?

How do you feel when you’re stuffed full of hors d’oeuvres and crème brûlée? What about your favorite team winning all the time, every time?

If Aquarius energy is maintained here, a spoiled brat could come out of it.

Or, you could be done with it and move on to the next sign in the zodiac, Pisces.

What are you truly seeking in life?  Aquarius rules over accomplishing that and attaining everything you want in life. It oversees your maximum joy and pleasure.  Remember that Aquarius rules over your obsessions.

The Helix Nebula

The Helix Nebula constellation in Aquarius.  It looks like an eye staring at you from space!

The Helix Nebula is located in Aquarius. It’s known as the “Eye of God”.

Suffering, Sorrow, and Grief

A discouraged guy with his face in his hands, sitting in the shadows.

Aquarius can also cause suffering, sorrow, and grief when we don’t let the energy flow. 

Aquarius rules over sickness of the soul and heart. It can be responsible for a broken heart and the suffering that goes along with it.

Holding onto too much stuff can increase our suffering.  This includes mental and emotional stuff. Letting a few things go that no longer serve us can give an encouraging boost.

Ability to Recover from Being Sick

Man standing by the window, not feeling well.

Aquarius can also rule over your ability to recover from an illness or disease. Always consult a licensed medical physician if you’re concerned about a medical condition or illness.

Withdrawal of the Senses

Woman meditating, practicing withdrawal of the senses.

Aquarius rules over withdrawal of the senses.  This helps us contemplate the realm of our inner cosmos.

Aquarius is related to drawing-in and retaining the breath, also known as kumbhaka in yoga.  This is where you inhale and hold it, extending and stretching out your lungs. 

Holding the breath is fixed, corresponding to Aquarius being a fixed sign.  The lungs hold air.  Aquarius rules over the element of air.  This technique helps activate Aquarius energy.

Guardian of Shakti

View up coiled pathway of kundalini Shakti through the chakras.

Aquarius is the guardian of Shakti.  It rules over the keeper at the gate. This is the realm of the Holy Spirit that penetrates all matter. It’s the point that leads to self-realization.

Understanding (Binah on the Tree of Life)

The Tree of Life, symbolic representation.

On the Tree of Life, Aquarius resonates with the sphere of Binah.  This is all about UNDERSTANDING.  It helps us synthesize knowledge so we can apply it to a higher truth. It leads to Wisdom

This is where just you know something without needing an explanation.  It’s where you realize you’re One with everyone else and we stop fighting with each other.  Why would you throw a brick in your own face?

Approaching Spiritual Liberation

Man breaking free from the cage of bondage in Duality into spiritual liberation.

Aquarius rules over the energy of approaching spiritual liberation. This can get limited by having immense hoarded wealth.

It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

Matthew 19:24

We do well if a portion of our profits is shared with those in need. It helps us move on to the next sign of spiritual liberation in Pisces. 

In Ezekiel 44:28, it says God didn’t give the priests any physical inheritance. 

He said, “I am their inheritance.” 

The point most people miss is that these guys got the greatest inheritance of all.  And it included nothing material.  But what’s interesting, is that everything physical stems from this higher Force.  So basically, they could have whatever they wanted anyway.  

The higher you go, the more you get.  The less you have, the more you have.  This is a secret of Aquarius that most people don’t contemplate.

It’s the things in the material realm that dilute our power in higher realms.

Aquarius is based on the LAW OF SACRIFICE: whatever you give up, you gain in higher realms.  This doesn’t mean that you’re poor with your head floating in the clouds.  You can still be rich and practice sacrifice. 

The bigger the thing you give up, the more power that flows into your life.  Usually, when you give up something, by natural law, something else must take its place. 

Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. So when you give up that cheesecake, you’re rewarded with a smaller belly.  When you stop smoking, you gain more health.  When you sacrifice social media addiction, you’re rewarded with more meaningful relationships.  

When you give something up, you’re actually gaining.  

When you take out the trash, you’re rewarded with a cleaner home.  The more wealth you have and the more service you provide to others, the greater your transformative gains will be when you give a portion of your profits away.  Humanitarian groups and charitable organizations can only operate when there is money to give and assets to distribute.

The Great Void

A great deep black hole of voidness in the cosmos.

Aquarius rules over the energy that contains THE GREAT VOID. It’s responsible for the higher aspect of consciousness above the veil that separates the physical dimension from higher reality.

It holds the energy of emptiness, in a good way.

Less is more.

Aquarius energy moves closer to the point from which creation originates.

It’s the things in the material realm that make us drift away from spiritual liberation.

Aquarius is the unseen force from which all objects MATERIALIZE. It exists in the realm of formlessness.

This energy supports ideas that come from the ether of nothingness. Aquarius is the potential energy of form.

11th House

The number 11.

If you want to look deeper into the sign of Aquarius in your chart, determine which house it’s in as well. Your house placement will make your reading precise, specific, and individualized to you. That will give you way more information than just understanding the sign of Aquarius alone.


Objects Aquarius rules:

  • Water pots
  • Containers and vessels in your home that hold water
  • Wells

Locations Aquarius rules:

  • The place where people with pots go to fetch water
  • Any place with large volumes of water stored in one place (i.e., water reservoir)


Aquarius is considered STRONG:

  • during the day
  • in the 1st House
  • in the 4th House
  • in the 7th House
  • in the 10th House

When Aquarius energy is called “strong”, that means it’s much easier for it to manifest in the physical dimension. It’s like unclogging a pipe so the water can run through. If the pipe is clogged and blocked, it’s considered “weak”.


According to the highly-regarded astrological text, Jataka Parijata, Rahu is home in the sign of Aquarius.

AQUARIUS is the Moolatrikona sign of RAHU.


The secret to mastering Aquarius energy is this:


If your obsession is causing harm to you or to someone else, then it might be worth giving it up completely. This might be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done, and probably isn’t possible for most people.

Many wealthy evolved souls on this planet get stuck in Aquarius energy for many incarnations. They aren’t able to let go of their obsession with money and their assets. Profits are kept for themselves and they get stuck here, causing sickness of the heart and soul.

Remember that Rahu is home in Aquarius.  And by definition, his energy is to get you stuck in your obsession, imprisoned in the inertia of material gluttony

Once you realize you’re One with everyone else at a higher level of consciousness, you realize you’re helping yourself when you open the flood gates of your assets and let them flow to balance the energy of those less fortunate and in need. 

Money is just energy. When all the energy is stuck in one area, the other areas suffer. That’s like only serving one table at a restaurant and leaving all the other tables hungry. How does that benefit the restaurant and customers as a whole?

Most people know what their hangups and obsessions are.  But if you don’t, just look where Rahu (aka, North Node) is in your chart.  You can tap the inertia of the sign by creating flow within your assets.

Whenever you make a profit or gain of any kind, it’s wise to give away at least 10% to someone who is less fortunate.

Stacks of gold coins progressively growing in a line.

Sometimes it helps to check that the money gets to the right people and not blindly thrown into corrupt organizations or charities that pretend to feed starving children. The bigger the organization, the shadier it can get.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s eyes light up when you meet their needs and eliminate their suffering.  It’s reassuring to see the effects of where your money really goes.  Double-checking where your funds go is important. 

Too many people need help right now.  Beware of charitable organizations where your money goes into a black hole.  

God challenges us to test Him in Malachi 3:10:

“Bring all your tithes into the storehouse…and test Me…to see if I won’t open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing so big, you won’t have enough room to receive it.”


He says that if we give back, He’ll open the floodgates of heaven and pour out a blessing so big, we won’t even have room to receive it. 

He’s talking about passing Aquarius energy down through the veil into the physical dimension when we give back to others. 

You always get back what you give.  In one form or another.

If you own 10 properties, donate 1 to a good cause. If you make $10 profit, give $1 to the man in the wheelchair sitting outside the grocery store.


A large crowd.
  • The purpose of Aquarius is to serve more people.

In astrology, Saturn is the servant. He’s home in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn does his best when he serves others in humility.

The last shall be first.

Aquarius is about PROFIT, remember. It’s about anything you have leftover after all your essential expenses are paid.

Blessings start to flow when you serve others with your time, energy, or extra money. Even if you only have a dollar to give. The Universe sees it when you make the effort. Nothing goes unnoticed.

Every action you do gets recorded and will be paid back in karma at one point or another. Treat others how you want to be treated. That’s the basis of Aquarius. What you do comes back to you.


The 10 Commandments tablets

The commandment that corresponds to Aquarius is this:

Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Leviticus 19:18

That basically sums up Aquarius in one sentence.

It’s been said that when the Moon moves through each sign in the zodiac, it’s testing us in one of the 10 commandments, for the first 10 signs.

The last 2 signs sum up the 10 commandments into the 2 great commandments.

The first of the 2 great commandments is ruled by Aquarius and sums up the 6 zodiac signs that deal with how we treat each other on a human-to-human level. It’s basically civil law. Specifically, these are zodiac signs # 5-10 (Leo through Capricorn). This aligns exactly with commandments #5-10 from the 10 Commandments.

Interestingly, according to the astrological scriptures of Saravali, the Solar Half of the zodiac lines up exactly with these 6 signs that contain Leo through Capricorn.  These signs put us all in the spotlight as a human race where we’re directly accountable to one another.

On a Solar level, I actually AM you, and you’re me.  So if I love you, I’m really loving myself.  If I hate you, I’m hating an aspect of myself.  These are hard lessons to grasp for young souls.  If we can just raise our consciousness up a bit, we can experience this as truth.

The first of the 2 great commandments is found in Leviticus 19:18: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Using numerology, you’ll find that when you add 1 + 9 + 1 + 8 from the book, chapter, and verse as originally located in Leviticus 19:18, you get 19

19 further reduces into the number that sums up the 10 commandments, which is 1 + 9 = 10.

Aquarius is the 1st of the last 2 signs in the zodiac that summarize the 10 commandments.

James 2:8 repeats the same commandment, to love your neighbor as yourself. It also adds up to 10 (2+8).

10 reduces into 1 when you add 1+0, which reveals the 1st of the 2 greatest commandments. 

The 2nd and most important commandment will be in the next article on Pisces.

The last 2 signs of Aquarius and Pisces sum up the 10 commandments. They’re the simplified macrocosm of the microcosmic law. 

If we follow this one guideline of Aquarius, the entire planet would change for the better. Treat people how you want to be treated. It’s not a morality lesson, it’s about karma and natural law.

In higher dimensions, our consciousness unifies. What we do to others, we end up ultimately doing to ourselves. It’s so important to know that anything we do comes back to us, eventually. Maybe not in this life. Maybe it will.

So if we’re suffering today, which involves an aspect of Aquarius energy, it could be because we caused someone else to suffer in a similar way in our recent past, or maybe in a past life. If you don’t want to suffer, don’t make other people suffer.  Aquarius rules over this.

Understanding natural law is one of the keys to getting out of the matrix and realizing the Truth of who we are.

When we think we’re limited to these flesh bodies that decay and die, we’re missing the big picture. It’s important to understand that you are not your body. You’re something much higher and greater than that. Ultimately, you’re something immortal that never dies. Realizing that is part of the game we’re all here playing. We’re asleep if we think this is all there is and that’s it’s centered around our earthly flesh experience.


Please only use astrology as a guideline, not as something that rules your life. Two people with the exact same charts can have two completely different experiences, based purely on each individual’s past karma.

You rule your own life and are given the gift of free will. CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. You’re more powerful than what’s written in your horoscope. With proper knowledge of the zodiac comes the power to understand your path.

To overcome the magnetism and negative influence of the planets in our lives, the daily practice of Kriya Yoga is strongly encouraged to dissolve and burn off past evil negative karma that gets stored in the spine. It’s best to be initiated in-person by a Kriya Master that’s still alive.

The Kingdom IS within You.

And that includes all the zodiac signs.

With God, ALL things are possible.

Thanks for visiting.

God bless.

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